I may not be good at math, but I know I am free from work for 72 glorious hours this holiday weekend and I’m geeked about it!

I’m gonna:

Clean house, nap, finish reading Septembers in Shiraz, go to the library, work out like a maniac – operation bye-bye belly is in full effect, watch a 2.5 hour video for class, read for the other class, work on – and hopefully finish – the dresser I rescued a few months ago, make treat bags for Lovegirl’s bday party, wash and twist my hair, possibly attend a wedding, cook some vegetable soup, go to church, take Lovegirl to the park, stay off the computer, chillax.

On Tuesday, I’ll highlight the stuff I actually did šŸ™‚

What’re u doing this weekend?Ā  Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “72

  1. My weekend started when I left work yesterday. I’ve cleaned up and worked out this morning so the rest of the day I can just…be. šŸ™‚ Then tomorrow it’s off to M-town for a family reunion.

  2. i agree w/rah. can’t wait to see what you actually accomplish. lolol. i’m going to a wedding in GA. i have to finish watching a movie, then pack, shower and leave today. i already washed dishes which puts me light years ahead of what i normally have accomplished hours before i’m to arrive.

  3. I love this list too. This weekend I partied for a friend’s bday (Friday night) cleaned my house, washed 5 loads of laundry, ran errands (Target, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond), went to a housewarming, a bbq and a bbq birthday party (Saturday+Sat Night), went to Church, stopped by the office to finish up a few things for my upcoming trip on Tuesday (Sunday) (P.S. I know I get a fail for work-life balance, but the peace of mind I have is worth the 20 minutes I spent there and it was on my way home from church). Tomorrow (Monday) I’m packing and *maybe* going to the gym. If it’s nice I may lay out on the rooftop pool at my gym after I workout.

    We shall see.

    I’m pleased with the weekend.

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