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Whatcha got?

‘Cause I’ve got a whole lotta nothing.  Life has been a little dull, a bit routine.  Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t provide much blog fodder either.   Let’s see….

*AR Gal – I haven’t forgotten that I owe you something.  I told you I’m a wee  bit trifling when it comes to actually going to the post office….

* Last night in class this dude starts talking about Afro-American this, Afro-American that.  I was like man, who still says Afro-American?  He was like, I call flip-flops thongs and capri pants culottes(sp?) – I guess there’s something wrong with that too?  Umm, there is something wrong with you equating inanimate objects and human beings.  He was .38 hot.  Started yelling about my being offended, etc. etc.  Dear angry little man, I did not say I was offended.  You cannot offend me.  I said you are using an antiquated term to describe a group of people and that as a professor at an institution which is not homogenous in ethnic or gender make-up, you might want to move into the 21st century – that is what I said.  I don’t think we’ll be partnered up for any class projects soon.

* I do not care for plaid and am sorry that it dominates the fashion landscape this fall.  Especially that buffalo plaid.  Hah!  Listen to me – I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about – don’t believe the hype.

* JSU plays Grambling this weekend in Jxn – if it doesn’t rain, I think Lovegirl and I will go. I love SWAC football!  However, my days of sitting in a stadium watching a game during a torrential downpour are over!  I did it when Smoochy was playing, then when he was coaching.  I’ve paid my dues.

* Speaking of football, did anyone watch the games on Monday night?  Man, I fell asleep and apparently missed huge portions of not one, but two good games!  I really (foolishly) thought the Raiders were going to win. 

* I am ridiculously excited to be headed to Cali in exactly 2 weeks!  I have decided that Lovegirl and I will not be spending ducats at the franchise that is D.isneyland.  We will instead roll to the LA County fair for just as much fun at a mere fraction of the price!  

* Speaking of the CA, I broke down and told Lovegirl that we were going.  She is all kinds of excited, but also worried that Matu and Batu (my parents) don’t have enough “stuff” to properly accommodate us.  Every day she asks me if they have enough towels, blankets, food, beds, etc.  I’m not sure why she thinks they’re deprived, but she does!

Okay, that’s it.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods??


6 thoughts on “Whatcha got?

  1. lol. maybe in her mind they don’t have these things in Cali. maybe someone told her it’s like a different world! i feel you on disney! we went for my bday b/c it was free for me. those prices are OUTRAGEOUS!! i’m very plaid picky but the buffalo plaid is a no all around for me. b/c i had to be SO into football when i worked in pittsburgh i now care not at all most of the time.

  2. I watched the games because I had players out there on my fantasy football team. I turned it off when they weren’t playing well though. Hubby kept telling me to calm down and assured me the Raiders would not win, I’m glad he was right.

    It’s been pretty humdrum here too, that’s probably why my posts are now about conversations with my momma, lol.

  3. Please advise her NOT to tell Aidan that she’s getting on an airplane because then he will absolutely have to get on one, too.

    Guiding Light is going off the air in 2 days. I can’t believe it. My 2:00 – 3:00. I would cry, but that would be hypocritical since I didn’t cry over The Game.

    I can’t believe you went to class last night instead of coming to look at my wig. See what happens when you do stuff like that???

  4. I just can’t do JSU games. I’d rather just tail-gate and eat food.

    Instead we are heading to the Farish Street Festival later on that evening ( thank goodnes for mom working at the gates)

  5. I know you haven’t forgotten. I was forewarned, take your time. 🙂

    Afro-American? Really? Wow. That’s so, so, sooooooooooooooo ancient!

    I had to google buffalo plaid. lol I didn’t realize that’s what the style was called. Weren’t those shirts popular back in the mid-90’s? I can’t see myself wearing one but I do like the purple/black and yellow/black versions I’ve seen.

    I tend to stay out of the way during Sunday, Monday aaaaannnnnnnnd Thursday night football. lol

    Goin’, goin’, back, back to Cali! Ya’ll have fun!

    I can’t wait for the county fair next week so I can get my corn dog and turkey leg to make some greens. lol

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