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The Yard


~ My first Que party and my silly 16 year old self thinking Que punch really was just punch.

~ Driving from AR to MS for my first college football game – UAPB v Valley.  I don’t remember who won.

~ Realizing that my California casual dress-style was definitely not the norm in the south.

~ Spring Fling at Grambling.  Drive through daquiris.  Whaaat?!?!?

~ Making friendships I treasure to this day.

~ Getting put on blast by my English instructor for not saying “ma’am.” 

~ Outkast, UGK and 666 Mafia (as they were known back then!)

~ Walking all up and through the greek’s gardens.  I had no clue….

~ Spending the entire Spring Break week in the male dorm with one of my really good friend guys.  Get your mind out the gutter!  Nothing happened.  We were both from waaay out of town and our parents were not sending us any $ to come home.  So we chilled for a straight week.

~ a 1978 Honda Accord, monthly deposits in my account from my parents, and freedom, sweet freedom.

Just a few of my freshman year memories!  Got any you’d like to share??


7 thoughts on “The Yard

  1. 1992 –

    – driving my mom’s Ford Tempo with a gangsta lean on campus like it was a Lexus…

    – meeting girls that actually thought I was cool and not strange

    – Mary J Blige’s What’s the 411 cd on heavy repeat among others..

    – Driving from the Prince concert in Atlanta to Savannah State 90 MPH b/c I had a final at 8 AM…

  2. Love this post!

    Ridin’ through the yard

    Hanging out in the cafe’.

    Hanging out in front of the cafe eating ice cream with about 30 of my closest friends.

    We loved the cafe at UCA! lol

    Hanging out in the student center.

    Going to my first party during college at the rink.

    Going to my first party in downtown LR at the Blue Rock and seeing some girls get into a fight. lol

    Taking the looooooooooooooooong drive from PB back to Conway after getting rained on. That night was no fun at all.

    Going to the computer lab strictly to chat on yahoo IM. LMAO

    I could go on and on and on……….

  3. I think I might do this on Tea & Such, but I’ll add a couple.

    1. Being 17 and never going out to the bars with a fake ID saying I was 19 the way all the 18 year olds did.
    2. Having a white and Korean roommate in a triple. Every time our Mexican friend from down the hall would come in, we would joke that we had all based covered.
    3. Union Parties
    4. Getting to the parties about 20 minutes to early EVERY time. What can I say, I’m punctual and I’m consistent.
    5. La Bamba (burritos as big as your head)
    6. Illini Football!!!
    7. Cotton Club
    8. Homecoming
    9. All the black parties being broken up while the white frat houses had beer cans in the yard. *sideeye*
    10. Being the most out freshman ever. We stayed in politics and orgs, so ppl thought we were upperclassmen.

  4. Realizing what fraternities and sororities were really about.

    Missing the bus home one weekend and standing in the bus station crying.

    Quitting my high school boyfriend for getting the operator to interrupt my 2:00 am phone call with the other dood. He knew better.

    Running in place for 20 minutes in P.E.

    Going to the club for the first time…I called my mom and asked could I go. 🙂

    Meeting people from everywhere, and forming new friendships. Learning that your family isn’t your only “family.”

    Parties in the gym!

    Sitting on the front porch at Judson Cross and having picnics on the yard.

    Hitting the ceiling with a mop to tell the girls upstairs they were too loud.

    Getting my long hair cut off and going home to everyone’s shock.

    Getting letters from my mom.

    Being a size 6. 😦

  5. Hmmm, y’all had a lot more fun than I did!

    I remember curfew- midnight had to be back in the dorm

    Having to do chores or get written up

    Signing out in order to go home for the weekend

    My ex boyfriend stalking me on campus trying to get me back

    My roommate shaving her legs in the kitchen sink

    My roommate drying everybody’s dishes with her bath towel

    The time my roommate didn’t wash her clothes for a month and left them piled up at the foot of the bed

    Talking on the phone with TheCount from sun up to sun up, only hanging up when one of us was in class.

    Getting in a fight with the black girls in the dorm because they thought I was a sell out because I didn’t want to hang with them. They got kicked out and they work at Walmart and New York and Company- not judging, just pointing that out.

    Catching a ride with anybody that was going within 2 hours of my hometown…just get me close, my parents will have to come get me!

    And that’s why I transferred schools!

  6. -Mine was in 1996. Going to my first Delta tailgate party for homecoming that year and leaving thinking “Dammit, I’m gonna be a Delta.”
    -Moving into a dorm with my new college BFF and realizing we were both spoiled, selfish and had way too much stuff to live together. We ended up living next door to each other in private rooms.
    -Working really hard towards going to law school that year and earning a 4.0 GPA. You couldn’t tell me nothing.
    -Working in the french dept as my workstudy and really trying to soak in all the french I could.
    _ Can I go back to 1996?

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