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baby shower   (nooooo TM – I am NOT pg!)

So yesterday two work-friends and I hosted a lunch-time baby shower for another work-friend.  We decided to hold the shower at a Mexican restaurant not too far from campus – the e-vites were sent out last week.  I think we invited 14, 15 people.  We asked everyone to bring a gift and to chip in for the honoree’s lunch.

Yesterday at the shower we had 7  folks including the guest of honor.  4 people brought gifts – 2 people did not.  4 people chipped in on lunch – 2 did not.  Now, I am no M.artha Stewart, but damn.  That’s just rude.  One girl was like “oh, I don’t have any money to help with her lunch.”  Uh, you just sat here, shoveled chips and salsa down your gullet like there was no tomorrow, ordered and paid for your lunch and don’t have a measly dollar to put in on her lunch?  Really???  The other one didn’t know anybody at the table except for the girl who didn’t bring a gift or pay – she just came along because she wanted to go out to lunch.  WTH?  Who does this?  It’s not even the money – her lunch couldn’t have cost more than $8.  I just can’t believe someone would show up to a baby shower, not bring a gift, and claim to not have $1 for the meal.

Is it just me?

As an aside – I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I’m going to set up some healthy living-type posts for next week while I’m gone.

If any bloggers in LA,CA want to try to get together while I’m in Cali, just send me an email.  That was my passive-aggressive version of socializing….

Peace out!


8 thoughts on “Tri-fling

  1. That’s why I don’t like hanging out with co workers. you never know which one is going to act cheap, but you know its gonna be at least one broke so and so. (also, i’m anti social anyway. LOL)

  2. It’s a touchy situation b/c a lot of times events at my job are paid for by the company and I’ll go to stuff and not expect to pay. I also don’t want to be the only person who’s not attending the baby shower. Budgets are tight though, so if they couldn’t spare the dollar, I ain’t mad at it.

    I wouldn’t do anything tacky like that though, I’m just saying I somewhat understand. LOL!

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