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Let Me Count The Ways

5 – the number of outfits, including  plane wear, that I am taking to Cali

8 – the number of outfits, excluding plane wear, that I am packing for Lovegirl.

3 – the number of inches I estimate I shrunk after renting a sub-compact to drive up to Oxford, MS and back this weekend.  Not a good look!  Darn Chevy Aveo…

2 – the number of times I tried to talk Lovegirl out of wearing her frog rain boots to school today before I decided what the hell – we only go around once.  Picture it:  light blue uniform shirt, dark blue uniform shorts and green, knee high frog boots!

30 or 40 – the number of ducks that Lovegirl and Aidan attempted to feed this weekend.  Aidan is a duck-feeding pro, it took Lovegirl a minute to warm up to the idea (and stop crouching behind me) but once she warmed up, she had a ball.  She wants to go back today and feed them again.  Thanks a lot Pserendipity!!!

11 – the number of days standing between me and my 37th birthday.

4 – the number of places I need to stop by before I make it home – the beauty supply for beads for Lovegirl’s braids, the shoe dude (cobbler doesn’t sound right) to pick up shoes I had repaired, the cleaner’s to drop off the suit I plan to wear to my cousin’s wedding, WMart to get a prescription filled.

0 – the number of minutes I’ve spent actually working today.

Whatcha got??


13 thoughts on “Let Me Count The Ways

  1. 45-the minimum number of minutes I need to spend working out today. I’ve got a lot of make-up work to do from last week.

    10+tax – the amount that I purchased a skirt for @ TJ Maxx.

    10+tax-the amount of money I will be getting refunded when I return said skirt. I tried it on at home and it just wasn’t kosher.

    2-the number of times I’ve thought to myself that I’d rather be at home today. It’s SO BEAUTIFUL here today!!!

    • Girl, by the time I get back, I’ll need to be in the gym at least 6, 7 straight days to get back right. And I mean for 24 hour stints! I’ve really slacked up on my fitness routine and plan on remedying as soon as I get home!

      We are having great weather here as well – it finally stopped raining.

  2. 23- the number of 24 months and under children we had in the nursery yesterday. Oh my what fun.

    10- the number of diapers I changed

    2- the number of babies I had to put out the nursery. Green mucus globs on the carpet are not cool. You can’t get all these other babies sick.

    4- The number of people that have checked on me to make sure I ate lunch. I pulled out an apple so they’ll stop asking. I couldn’t have an eating disorder if I tried. People too nosey.

    60- The number of minutes until I’m off work and onto date night with my hubby.

    13- days before my 1 year wedding anniversary- now off to find a gift!

  3. 90 – Number of minutes it takes to two strand twist my hair.
    1- Number of pot pies I have in the freezer. I have been eating these like crazy since last week.
    7- days til school starts back for me
    8 – number of cupcakes I plan to buy or bake this evening to take to cubscouts tonight.

    Have fun on your trip.

  4. You’re quicker than I am! It takes me two hours to retwist my locs after I wash them. Two hours I’ve got to dedicate myself to tonight.

    I’m just now getting back into the swing of school, and we’ve been in classes for over a month!

    Thank you – I shall 🙂

  5. 2 -The number of days until NerdGirl goes to Cali and I can’t call on the way home from work. Or text during RHOA till you fall asleep. Boo hiss.

    0-The number of texts I’ll get while you’re gone. Boo hiss.

    6-The number of cookie doughs I have in my car.

    4-The number of days until I lay eyes on my babydaddy. Yay!

    2-Days until payday.

    20-The number of pounds I plan to lose. Starting today!

    • I shall send you random, nonsensical texts to keep you occupied while I’m gone!

      Whoo hoo for babydaddy!

      Whoo hoo whoo hoo for payday!

      I’m going to get on a scale and let u know how many lbs I need to shed…

  6. 4 – the number of meetings I’ve had in the last 2 weeks that have tried to influence how we answer questions on the Associate satisfaction survey.

    66 days til I turn 35

    0 number of phone calls I’ve had today since I left my phone at home today.

  7. 6- The number of hours before I have to get up for a full day of classes
    3- number of said classes
    7- hours of same classes
    5- length of time i want to negotiate that down to
    1- reason i don’t want to get off the phone (Rashan)
    2- shows i can’t wait to watch!!!! (top chef & project runway)

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