50% off at Payless

50% off purchases at Payless – today only.  If you can’t/don’t/won’t shop at Payless, you probably still know someone who does – pass it on!

I’m going to (hopefully) stock up on socks and maybe a pair of tennis for the kid!




No silly, not “boo as in I’m trying to scare you because it’s Halloween.”  Boo as in two thumbs down.

Boo to my ex-boss sending me a friend request on FB.  Which ex-boss?  Yep, that one.  The crazy heifer from downstairs who since I left has been so damn nice I’m almost sorry I quit.  Almost.  Crazy thing about it?  I’m seriously thinking about friending her.  What’s really going on?

In honor of the holiday I don’t celebrate – much to Lovegirl’s chagrin – here’s some music to get your head nodding (NSFW – duh!):

Have a great – and safe – weekend!


It’s Thursday, I’m Random

  • My hospital is having an H1N1 blitz.  Y’all can miss me with that.  Not this year, not the kid.  I don’t care how many email alerts you send or that I’ll have a chance to win an iPod – no swine flu shot for moi.
  • Pserendipity thinks I’m a gym snob.  She might be right.  But I’mma go back to her little box of a gym a few more times – it does have a certain charm about it.
  • I just spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to help a former coworker.  She’s trying to breastfeed her baby without actually nursing the baby.  Ummm, why?  And you call me asking why you’re not producing enough milk.  Don’t you think your body knows the difference between a pump and a baby?!?  Geesh.  I’m gonna have to go check on that baby.  Where was I….
  • My kid told me yesterday that I needed to help her like school again.  Wow.  I had nothing.
  • I’m about to try these Qhmet Biologics hair products on Lovegirl and myself.  I’m hoping that these will allow me to stop putting such heavy stuff ( Liv) on her hair to keep it moisturized.  I basically just use olive oil on mine, but am going to try their oil serum and see if it absorbs better.
  • I can’t believe that November is just days away.  Where did 2009 go?  Time for me to start buying a present a week so I can knock out my Christmas shopping. 
  • Drake?  Yeah, I totally don’t get his appeal.  Is this futher proof that I’m getting old?
  • I fell asleep before 9 last night.  While I am well-rested today, I am also pissed that I missed Top Chef!
  • I’m going to spend 1/2 my day today working and 1/2 my day on school work.  I should have my presentation done by 4:30 – wish me luck!

Oh AR Gal & Jameil….

This is the dress.  I would have a tendency to wear it just like it looks in the picture – dark tights, dark shoes.  And I realize that’s a bit blah.


I am now the proud owner of this dress AND a black skirt.  I know that’s not saying a lot, but really, for someone who spends spent 100% of her time in pants, this is major!  Smoochy made such a production out of seeing me in the skirt that I am motivated – kinda – to add at least one more dress or skirt to my wardrobe.

So….help a sister out.  Thanks in advance!


….do I get dressed in a semi-dark room on a semi-regular basis and still act surprised when my look is a bit off once I see it in full light?

….was I personally offended when “Team Mission” lost Restaurant Wars on Top Chef even though I could tell early on that they weren’t going to be able to pull it off?

….did I just spend 10 minutes coloring in the little white fuzzies on my black tights w/a Sharpie? (Um, I’m not the only person who’s ever done this, right?  Right???  Refer to first bullet if you’re wondering why I needed to do this!)

….did I think that Kim calling NeNe a moose on RHOA last night was one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time?

….is my child trying her best to celebrate Halloween even though I’ve told her repeatedly that we do not?

….am I having difficulty accessorizing a basic, gray sweater dress that I bought recently?  Any ideas?

….is my right hand so stankin’ dry?  My left hand looks good – my right hand looks like I am a day laborer in a flour factory.  Aargh!

….did I forget to go to a meeting yesterday?  My boss swung by at 10:30 and asked me to go to a noon meeting.  I didn’t remember until almost 3:00.

….did I have to call one of my white friends yesterday and tell her that her FB posting a video of a black baby dancing is cool – but that writing “looks just like a little monkey with rhythm” is not?

….have I missed so many episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm that I didn’t know Larry was dating?  What happened to his wife??

….cannot I wear a belt to save my life?  Yeah, yeah, I can wear one with pants in the proper loops, but I cannot belt a sweater/cardigan/shirt and look right to save my life!  Mrs. Obama (and S23) has the look down pat – I look slightly “special” every time I try it!

….don’t you share some of your recent ponderings with us?

Mi Familia Loca

A pic of all of us at my cousin’s wedding last weekend:

mi familia


L-R:  Hermano #1, Yo, Mamacita, Padre, Lovegirl, Hermano #2’s novia, Hermano #2, Hermano#3, Hermano #3’s esposa

Speaking of crazy family – somebody save me!  My child is the proud new owner of a harmonica.  Need I say more?  I now live with the world’s shortest blues musician.  Ay dios mio!

Today I….

  • am feeling pretty random.
  • got up at 4 a.m. to work on a paper that’s due today.  I’m still not finished.
  • deleted a friend from FB.  I’m cool with her having differing political views, but not cool with the volume and spirit of anti-Obama stuff she posts.
  • am actually putting in a decent day’s work.  A statement I totally realize is not supported by my mid-day blogging.
  • think I’m going to call my instructor.  Joker gave me 100 points on a paper and then took 50 of them away because I missed a class session.  Aargh!
  • happened to be perusing the L.A. Times webpage and ran across an article in which my cousin is mentioned.  If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember my mentioning a cousin who’s been in jail for quite a while – for murder.  Yeah.  If you’re interested in reading go here:  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-witness20-2009oct20,0,7565367.story.
  • am listening to my “blue eyed soul” station on P.andora.  I love Hall & Oates!  And Phil Collins.  And Michael McDonald.
  • am asking for prayer for my cousin who is undergoing surgery for two different types of cancers today.  I don’t believe that her prognosis is good.
  • need to hide Lovegirl’s harmonica.  She cashed in her arcade tickets to get the thing, and between her using the Spanish pronunciation of “ar-moan-ica” and her incessant desire to practice, I’m going slightly batty.
  • am contemplating buying a pair of boots.  I waited too long on some I’d previously spotted and missed out.  I need to make a move before every single pair of 12N boots disappears!  I think there are only like what 10 or 11 made each year.
  • might slap my co-worker.  She’s upset because the doctor may put her short, round, BMI index of 34, son on a diet.  I’m upset that he’s not already on one.

What’re you up to today?