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Save the Bones for Henry Jones – Day 2


The title?  A line from a song recorded by the Pointer Sisters, among others. “Save the bones for Henry Jones, ’cause Henry don’t eat no meat!”  Don’t tell me I’m the only one who’s heard the song?  Moving on…

The challenge?

Go a day without eating meat.  Better yet, go a week without eating meat. 

Can you do it?  Sure you can!

I was raised semi-vegetarian (fish and seafood only).  Ate meat in college, stopped eating meat in college, started eating poultry again when I married Smoochy in ’99.  I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with eating meat, but I do think that Americans eat way too much, way too often.  And that we pay the price with poor health and easily avoided diseases and conditions.

I can – and do – go for weeks at a time without consuming meat.  The end result – my stomach is flatter, I have more energy, my digestive system is functioning at a very high level (sorry, TMI) and my grocery bills are significantly lower when I follow a meat-less diet.

When I’m in meat-free mode, I turn to beans for protein.  I love beans.  Whether in red beans and rice or black beans rinsed and tossed in a salad, I think they’re the perfect food.   

So, give it a try.  Instead of a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast, try oatmeal with raisins.  Or a piece of fruit.  For lunch build yourself a huge salad – throw in what you like – I’m prone to stinky cheese, craisins, apples, pecans and red onion.  Dinner?  Beans and rice are always good.  I’ll also eat a veggie or “chicken” pattie if I’m home – tofu if I’m out.

I know y’all think I’m nuts.  (Also a great source of protein).  Just give it a shot – you can do anything for a day.  Or seven!

I couldn’t find a video of the Pointer Sisters singing “Henry Jones,” but was tickled to stumble across this one…

Extra resources should you decide to take the plunge





7 thoughts on “Save the Bones for Henry Jones – Day 2

  1. TM – It is an old song, so you definitely get a pass on that one. Trip to see the Jackson Sisters version. Baby – I could eat oatmeal every single day – love that stuff!

  2. I just finished a meat-free month in September and have to admit I ran to Chick Fil-A yesterday for a chicken sandwich! HA! But during the month, you’re right, I felt great. It’s not for everyone though but I definitely saw and felt a difference.

  3. Hip hip…I’ve been on a vegetarian diet for two weeks. I can’t say that miss the chicken. Which is huge considering I could live off of fried chicken. What I’ve been eating has got me surprised. This morning I wanted to throw a temper tantrum bcuz I forgot my….wait for it…….BANANA at home! Who am I?

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