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This Is How We Do It!

Venice Beach

  • We had a ball in Cali.  Lovegirl is officially a West Coast convert.  When I say she had no desire to return to MS, please believe that.  She cried when we got off the plane in Jackson last night.  And while waiting for our luggage.  And while walking to the car…..you get my drift.  Even the sight of her best bud Aidan and her favorite Ms. Psonya at the airport didn’t stop the tears.  Oh the drama!
  • Speaking of Ms. Psonya?  Yeah, if she doesn’t blog about the dude that was loving her at the airport last night, I will.  Pure comedy!
  • Took Lovegirl to Venice Beach where she promptly ran into the ocean, declared it incredible and pretty much refused to move from her spot.  I have got to say – the joy that filled my heart from seeing her enjoy herself that much was a real blessing.
  • I, of course, made it a point to visit my favorite fish taco joint 3x in a week.  As awesome as ever! 
  • Tried a new cheese – taleggio – at Mr. Marcel’s in the L.A. Farmer’s Market.  Love it.  A smear of this stuff, a dab of fig jelly and a water cracker?  Good eating.
  • We saw my grandma twice and that woman just amazes me.  At 88, she’s still going strong, driving herself around and doing what she wants to do.  She also cooked me Sunday dinner – her peach cobbler is off the chain! 
  • Went to the L.A. County Fair.  With the exception of the stankin’ rollercoaster Lovegirl insisted that she and I ride (she had a ball – I did not!) we had a great time there too.
  • Did I mention that the weather was nice?  Not nice enough for my kid to run and jump in the pool in her pajamas, but that didn’t stop her.  I couldn’t believe that nut was playing in the pool, having a ball – with purple lips and chattering teeth!
  • My Mom threw me a little surprise get-together Sunday night.  A really nice mix of people showed up and we had a good time reminiscing and tripping out.  One my classmates stopped through – I hadn’t seen him since Smoochy and I got married 10 years ago – it was awesome to catch up with him.  I’m still trippin’ that I graduated h.s. 20 years ago. Moving on…
  • I’ll post pics tomorrow.  Guess I’d better do some work.  And by work I mean catch up on my blog reading 🙂

What have y’all been up to while I was maxin’ and relaxin’ in sunny So Cal???


14 thoughts on “This Is How We Do It!

  1. Venice Beach! No wonder your girl cried when she got home. Sometimes I want to move out there, too! What day did you go to the fair? We were there on Saturday and I’m still laughing over the piglets attacking their mom to nurse! So glad y’all had such a good time with your friends and family! 🙂

  2. I’m glad you’re home safely and soundly, and Aidan was equally happy to see Lovegirl — even though it wasn’t quite as evident through the “Aw Lawd” and “I’ma tell her to just stop crying.” Oh, and the hug.

    You can blog about my airport suitor. I would, but I don’t wanna seem like I’m bragging. Bwaaahahaha!!! Oh, and how did you leave out the kids’ public display of affection? The highlight of your return home, I’m sure!

    Oh, and Aidan asked if he could go to see Lovegirl’s Granny and Paw Paw next time. I told him yeah, so make sure you let Matu and Batu know to prepare a place for my baby. 🙂

  3. Wow..that sounds like a fabulous time. Lovegirl jumped in a pool with her pj’s on?? ROFL!

    A surprise party? Oh…those are the best!

    I’ve gotta make it out to the Cali. Glad you’re back safe. I’mma head on ova to Pserendipity’s spot to read about this casanova lova.

    • You couldn’t tell my girl a thing – she was ready! The party was fab. Words probably cannot properly express the depth of emotion ol’ boy had for P 🙂

  4. Awwwwwwwww, at Lovegirl bawlin’. 😦 I’d be sad too if I had just visited somewhere fabulous and had to come back to the sticks I call home. lol
    Sounds like college in CA may be in Lovegirl’s future. 🙂

    • She hasn’t stopped crying yet! This morning she asked me if she could go to school – in California.

      I’m not gonna lie – I usually cry when I get back to Jxn. This year I couldn’t ’cause I had to wipe my baby’s tears. And I didn’t want to cry in front of P.

      I would love to send her to Cali for college! Hmmm…

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