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Picture This…

Mmmkay, I was supposed to be posting pictures from our Cali trip today. Not gonna happen.  When I sat down at the computer last night I realized that my crazy beloved father downloaded my pictures to his computer and then erased my memory stick.  Alrightie then.  But he has graciously agreed to burn me a CD of my pictures and bring them with him to Houston this weekend.  So, later for the pics.

However!  I have decided to regale you with tales of Pserendipity’s airport Romeo.

Okay, y’all know that Pserendipity is looking particularly fly right about now – thanks in part to her recent MAC haul – right?  So picture it – a fly Pserendipity, an adorable Aidan, a bawling Lovegirl and a road-weary Nerd Girl leaving the Jackson airport at about 10:00 on Tuesday night.  I’m pretty sure we looked nuts.

So, we’re walking through the garage and toward the lot when these three little men appear, headed in the same direction.  Two of them speak and keep on pushing.  Not number three.  This dude says “hey.”  We say “hey.”  He asks where we’re going, do we know where Kemper County, MS is, do we wanna go, tells us the other little man is his dad, etc., etc.  Okay partner.

Then he decides that his subtle approach is not working.  So he asks Pserendipity where she is going and does she know where Kemper County is.  I guess he thinks that Kemper County, MS is a big selling point and that women are just waiting on an invite to go!   She says something to him about creeping her out…he persists.  He tells her that she is niiiice.  I mean niiiice baby.  Have I mentioned that he smells like he rolled in and then drank about a gallon of liquor???  So I’m walking, pulling a suitcase and laughing while P is telling the man about her husband and four kids.  Old boy is not trying to hear anything about P’s alleged family.  His dad and brother (?) are still ahead of us laughing at, but not coming back to get drunk Romeo. 

Finally we reach P’s car.  P bids her new love good night, all he can do is shake is drunk head – overwhelmed by P’s fine-ness, tell her again how niiice she is, and stumble off into the night.  Headed to Kemper County, MS.

P, did I get it right???


8 thoughts on “Picture This…

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  2. “So I’m walking, pulling a suitcase and laughing…”

    The proper description would have to be: about to bust my gut laughing. The rest is spot on! Imagine if I had dropped you off at the airport, I may have been able to get a trip to Cali!

  3. Well when you got it, ya got it! Lolol. One day I was going to Target in jeans & a tank top and some bama yells out, “Hey ma’am!” but I only turned around because I thought he said “Hey Jameil.” I was confused because he didn’t look familiar but then he said, “Thank you ma’am! You just made my day! OMGAWD!” Sir… get your life together. Same day these two old men (late 40s, early 50s aka old enough to be my father) stare me down in the grocery store. You know the look. What is wrong with y’all???

  4. That’s wild. I that you were laughing so hard. I laugh right in people’s faces too. It’s like if you’re going to be crazy, you should know how I really feel it. No need to politely chuckle when I’m around.

    I’m glad you all made it home safe though.

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