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Today I….

  • am feeling pretty random.
  • got up at 4 a.m. to work on a paper that’s due today.  I’m still not finished.
  • deleted a friend from FB.  I’m cool with her having differing political views, but not cool with the volume and spirit of anti-Obama stuff she posts.
  • am actually putting in a decent day’s work.  A statement I totally realize is not supported by my mid-day blogging.
  • think I’m going to call my instructor.  Joker gave me 100 points on a paper and then took 50 of them away because I missed a class session.  Aargh!
  • happened to be perusing the L.A. Times webpage and ran across an article in which my cousin is mentioned.  If you’ve been reading for a while you may remember my mentioning a cousin who’s been in jail for quite a while – for murder.  Yeah.  If you’re interested in reading go here:  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-witness20-2009oct20,0,7565367.story.
  • am listening to my “blue eyed soul” station on P.andora.  I love Hall & Oates!  And Phil Collins.  And Michael McDonald.
  • am asking for prayer for my cousin who is undergoing surgery for two different types of cancers today.  I don’t believe that her prognosis is good.
  • need to hide Lovegirl’s harmonica.  She cashed in her arcade tickets to get the thing, and between her using the Spanish pronunciation of “ar-moan-ica” and her incessant desire to practice, I’m going slightly batty.
  • am contemplating buying a pair of boots.  I waited too long on some I’d previously spotted and missed out.  I need to make a move before every single pair of 12N boots disappears!  I think there are only like what 10 or 11 made each year.
  • might slap my co-worker.  She’s upset because the doctor may put her short, round, BMI index of 34, son on a diet.  I’m upset that he’s not already on one.

What’re you up to today?


12 thoughts on “Today I….

  1. Wow…that LA Times article was something. Tragic for all involved, especially Khristina. My husband and I recently had a very heated discussion about when to stand up for yourself and when to let things go. His view is that a tragedy like this is to be avoided at all costs while I say you cannot always be a doormat. I guess you have to do what feels right to you at the time.

  2. That blue eyed soul station sounds pretty good. i might have to make me one of those…right after I make my 80’s synth rock station… Duran Duran, and them…

    I don’t have any FB friends that express anti-Obama sentiment. I don’t think they would stay friends for long.

    Maybe the co worker can take her kid to Maury when they have the unnaturally big kids on..

  3. Re: facebook friends. I put up something positive about a client in a FB status and someone commented on it with something negative. 1st) that’s my client, so respect my damn job. 2nd) I haven’t seen this person since high school and, save for FB had forgot they existed. You know where this is going. I deleted him so fast I forgot we were FB to begin with.

    And you can’t find me on FB. If we’re not friends, it’s like I don’t even have a page. I keep my FB security on lock. LOL!

  4. Love my “Light” Soul Station! *lol* I’ve got everyone you mentioned plus James Taylor, the Doobie Brothers and a few others. Right now, I’m rocking to my “All 90’s” Station with CeCe Peniston, Jade, SWV, Black Girl, etc.

  5. I really enjoy LA Times series. I find them really engaging. Is it surreal to know someone who’s in one? Nordstrom has great sales on the less popular sizes several times a year. GREAT sales! I’m always a little jealous b/c those sales last longer than the sales for my size. but then i get over it. i deleted a person who was unnecessarily nasty about Obama, too. Like you said, you don’t have to like him, but you also don’t have to be so nasty. Def. LOL @ lovegirl’s spanish ar-moan-ica. LOLOLOL!

    • The whole situation is awful. I just happened to be reading – I was quite shocked when I realized it my cousin’s case that was being profiled.

      I cannot believe I didn’t go to Nordstrom when I was home this month. I usually hit up The Rack and score major shoes for minor money.

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