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Oh AR Gal & Jameil….

This is the dress.  I would have a tendency to wear it just like it looks in the picture – dark tights, dark shoes.  And I realize that’s a bit blah.


I am now the proud owner of this dress AND a black skirt.  I know that’s not saying a lot, but really, for someone who spends spent 100% of her time in pants, this is major!  Smoochy made such a production out of seeing me in the skirt that I am motivated – kinda – to add at least one more dress or skirt to my wardrobe.

So….help a sister out.  Thanks in advance!


14 thoughts on “Oh AR Gal & Jameil….

  1. I like TIH’s suggestion but I also like the way it’s styled in the picture (not so sure about that skinny belt though).

    I will be pairing mine with gray tights/red heels and colored tights with black boots (not at the same time though). Yes, I have been planning it in my head…LMAO! As far as jewelry, I just throw on whatever looks cute while not being all matchy-matchy.

    The good thing is you can create so many looks with this dress. I say just play around with it and have fun.

    Take a look at this fashion blog. I really like this chicks sense of fashion and style.


  2. I was JUST about to say what TIH said. Some red shoes would be fiyah! But then I really can’t see you with a red bag. Hmmmm, would you carry the bag?

    The skirt you had on Friday was cute, too. I didn’t want to say anything like “NerdGirl is wearing a dre-ess, NerdGirl is wearing a dre-ess…”, but I was tempted.

    • Okay, I see what’s up. Both the Delta’s have recommended red….I see you, I see you! Where’s Jameil? She’ll probably suggest an electric blue!

      Yep, I’d carry a red bag. Don’t be surprised….

      🙂 Lovegirl was also pretty excited to see me in a skirt. I’ve got to do better.

  3. YAY for dresses. I’d wear knee boots and textured tights with that dress. Gray boots, pumps or booties would also get the job done. 🙂

  4. I’m getting there. I just realized how stankin’ simple getting dressed is when you’re wearing a dress – can’t believe it took me 37 years to figure this one out. Maybe I’ll post pics. Maybe…

    I’m off to scour the internet for boots in my size and the site that AR Gal recommended for inspiration.

  5. I would add some cute tights…I’d do a bright fishnet in a NY minute…that’s me…though if this is a cableknit dress..not so sure how it would look together, but get some anyway…they’re cute and fun.

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