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It’s Thursday, I’m Random

  • My hospital is having an H1N1 blitz.  Y’all can miss me with that.  Not this year, not the kid.  I don’t care how many email alerts you send or that I’ll have a chance to win an iPod – no swine flu shot for moi.
  • Pserendipity thinks I’m a gym snob.  She might be right.  But I’mma go back to her little box of a gym a few more times – it does have a certain charm about it.
  • I just spent 15 minutes on the phone trying to help a former coworker.  She’s trying to breastfeed her baby without actually nursing the baby.  Ummm, why?  And you call me asking why you’re not producing enough milk.  Don’t you think your body knows the difference between a pump and a baby?!?  Geesh.  I’m gonna have to go check on that baby.  Where was I….
  • My kid told me yesterday that I needed to help her like school again.  Wow.  I had nothing.
  • I’m about to try these Qhmet Biologics hair products on Lovegirl and myself.  I’m hoping that these will allow me to stop putting such heavy stuff ( Liv) on her hair to keep it moisturized.  I basically just use olive oil on mine, but am going to try their oil serum and see if it absorbs better.
  • I can’t believe that November is just days away.  Where did 2009 go?  Time for me to start buying a present a week so I can knock out my Christmas shopping. 
  • Drake?  Yeah, I totally don’t get his appeal.  Is this futher proof that I’m getting old?
  • I fell asleep before 9 last night.  While I am well-rested today, I am also pissed that I missed Top Chef!
  • I’m going to spend 1/2 my day today working and 1/2 my day on school work.  I should have my presentation done by 4:30 – wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “It’s Thursday, I’m Random

  1. I must be getting old too, because I can’t stand Drake. You cannot be a thug rapper from Canada. He should’ve sticked to acting on Degrassi.

  2. Me and the swine flu vaccine will never be friends…ever.

    Why is Love Girl not liking school? lol I admire her candor to share that with you. She’s awesome.

    Drake=Music FAIL

    Good luck on your presentation!

    Oh and I got the package. THANK YOU!! Check my blog. 😀

  3. No shots for me and the kid either.

    Drake is a fake.

    I have already started X-mas shopping, my main concern is hiding the stuff as I buy it. My kid has it bad about going through things.

    • “Drake is a fake.” You are now officially a better rapper than he is!

      I won’t buy for the kid until later – I need to knock out my parents, brothers, in-laws…..of course if I buy now and she finds it, that’s on her.

    • Okay, now I’m wishing tomorrow away so I can see what’s got you hot! Umm, no. Not joking.

      And I work in a hospital, so we get stuff first to protect the “first line”

      Okay, now I feel bad. The gym wasn’t that bad. Of course it wasn’t that great…

  4. I must be getting old, too, cause I don’t even know who Drake is.

    Do all your Christmas shopping at Target on 12/24 at noon. That’s what I do. It helps you be more decisive and get it done faster — you know, before the store closes.

    While you’re at it, can you help ME like the school again?

    • Hah! You’ve heard him. You just didn’t know it. Which is really lucky on your part.

      Um nah. That’s when Smoochy does his shopping! Somebody’s got to hold down the fort.

      Yeah, I got nothin’!

  5. Drake? Um, yeah, no thanks!

    I DVR’ed Top Chef and will look forward to carving out time to watch it this weekend. I’m actually kinda sad that the season is winding down. =( Have you been watching “The Next Iron Chef” on the Food Network? I like it. Not as much as Top Chef or the Next Food Network Star, but it’s pretty decent.

    • Whoo hoo! I love my readers. Nobody likes the dude 🙂

      I’m going to try to catch Top Chef Friday night. I haven’t watched the others this season – I watched Next Iron Chef one year and enjoyed it, but lately the Food Network has irritated me and I don’t even stop to see what they’ve got to offer. Maybe I’ll return to them when TC is over.

  6. I’m a gym snob too. But with the dearth of gyms ’round these parts I really can’t afford to be.

    My girls have tried that “I hate school” thing. But I gently remind them that they need to get over that since they will be in school until they are at least 25 (may as well get that into their heads now).

    Yep. Christmas will be here in a minute. You ask where did 2009 go? I’m asking where did the naughts go. We’re 10 years into the millenium already!

    I heart Top Chef. We’re only on season 1 here. I guess that’s better than not having it at all.

    • Great line – I’ll be borrowing that one for Lovegirl. I don’t know how to tell her these are the easy years – you’ve still got calculus, physics, A&P….

      You’re right! I remember when my father was stockpiling food in preparation for the new millennium – and now we’re almost a whole decade in!

  7. while i would’ve been pissed to miss top chef. i was PISSED OFF by last night’s developments!!! please tell me you’re joking abt a chance to win an iPod for a swine flu shot! lolol. my question is how did they produce it so fast?? that’s strange. i’m a gym snob, too. i think it’s necessary. i don’t want to go to a small, nasty gym w/old equipment.

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