Fit and Fine in 2009

*Edited to add:  I have created a page on this blog to document my progress with this challenge if you’re interested.  Or just bored at work 🙂

One of my favorite bloggers, Los Angelista, has challenged her readers to follow three easy steps to keep fit all through the month of December and not have to face the New Year needing to lose any poundage gained over the holidays.

I’m in!  Anyone else?  Anyone?  Anyone??



Nerd Girl:  Okay Lovegirl, I’ve turned the channel to N.oggin (AKA Nick Jr.).  This is the only channel I want you to watch.  Do you understand?

Lovegirl:  Yes ma’am.

About 15 minutes later, Lovegirl comes in my room, head down.

Lovegirl:  Mama, I’m sorry I was disobedient.  I changed the channel.  I know you told me not to, but I did. 

Nerd Girl:  Oh Lovegirl….

Lovegirl:  Well, the only reason I’m telling on myself is because I need to know the score.  I’m watching the game.  Who’s winning?

And I’ll be darned if that little kid of mine hadn’t turned to CBS to watch the Steelers/Ravens game.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh and tell her that the Steelers were ahead. 

I love my kid!

Randoms…a Pictorial

It’s Sunday afternoon.  We just got home from church and Lovegirl and I are about to go through her toys (again) and clear some stuff out.  I’m not buying her much for Christmas, but we’ve got to get rid of some old to make room for some new.  Anything that we get rid of will be donated to the Children’s Hospital thrown away as it is all junk.

This a pic of Lovegirl I took at the MS State Fair.  As usual, she had a ball.  I so love my kid!

Fun at the Fair

Okay, the Orly top/base coat that TM recommended?  That stuff rocks!  I usually don’t paint my fingernails because I cannot stand – I mean I cannot stand – jacked up, chipped fingernails.  Tres tacky!  So I usually forgo fingernail polish and just rock a longer, buffed nail.  A nail broke, so I had to cut them all down.  Anyhoo, I realized that while dark colors look absolutely horrid on long fingernails, a shorter dark nail looks pretty darn good.  Below are my not-so-great pics of my nails (in Glossy by Sally H) freshly polished and a week later (after regular day to day stuff, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, washing a grip of dishes, raking the yard…..) While my nails did lose a lot of their shine, the nail polish still looked pretty good (no major chips, etc.) a week later and I probably could’ve gotten away with just adding another topcoat.  But that’s not how I roll. (Feel free to click and enlarge the pics for a better view of the nail colors/polish job)

Glossy – Day 1

Glossy - Day 7 or 8

Mmkay, so now I’m all into short, dark nails and will probably rock this look into the spring.  So I did my nails last night with a color I picked up at U.lta (where OPI colors are buy two get one free – so I did!)  This week I’m wearing Lincoln Park at Midnight a loverly dark purple that I am so enjoying!  See?


What else?  Oh yes, my cheap-o black bookshelf.  I still need to put a knick knack or two on the middle shelf and find a coordinating lampshade for the lamp that I bought forever ago, but I’m really quite pleased with how my $19 investment has filled up a blank wall that drove me batty for the longest. I don’t know what’s going on with my plants, they used to be healthy and full and have just fallen way off…trying to nurse them back to lusciousness.  Especially the peace lily which is a funeral plant (is there a proper name?) from when Smoochy’s Mom died.  That is one plant I have got to ensure lives!  Any tips?

Okay, I’m off to work on Lovegirl’s room and her ridiculous toy collection.  Wish me luck!

Oh, in addition to the satellite radio Smoochy so accommodatingly purchased for himself last week – for Christmas – I am also getting dude a Phil Collins greatest hits CD.  I think there are a few floating around, so I need to narrow it down but it absolutely, positively must have “In the Air Tonight” on it.  Not sure what else Smoochy’s getting – if anything – but I’m pleased to have two gifts in mind for him even if he did buy one himself 🙂

Peace out!

I Shouldn’t Have Looked….

….and other pre-Thanksgiving randoms!

  • Why, why, why did I let the lady at W.alMart hand me a Black Friday flyer?  And why did I look inside?  I see three things I definitely want to get Lovegirl:  a guitar for $15, a Vtech handheld game for $30 and a coat for $7.  I’m also thinking about the $29 digital photo frame and the $59 GPS.  Of course, I have absolutely no need for a GPS, so that’s probably not happening.  I’ve only done the Black Friday shopping thing once and didn’t enjoy it at all – still on the fence about this year.  Do you participate?
  • Smoochy called me yesterday and told me what he wanted for Christmas: satellite radio.  I was like “cool – that’d be good to have while you are driving.”  He then informed me that he’d just bought one and was enjoying it.  Alrightie then…..
  • Lovegirl is at work with me today.  God help us all.  We’ve been to the cafeteria, had breakfast, she’s walked over to another set of offices, she’s helped count meal cards, been given a sucker, been complimented on her frog rain boots and asked if she was going to get a shot.  And it’s not even 9:30.  Come on two o’clock!
  • This afternoon will be dedicated to cooking and cleaning.  For “our” Thanksgiving we are having: turkey breast roast, dressing, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  I’m making pasta salad for the big meal at my sister-in-law’s house.  I don’t even really like pasta salad, so I’m not sure how this became my signature dish, but whatever.  It’s cheap and easy, so I’m not mad.
  • That’s about it.  It’s slow motion around here and in blogland.  I shall try to keep myself occupied for the next few hours and then I’m out ’til Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Don’t forget to count your many, many blessings!!!

So, so pretty

This weekend – in addition to sitting in the rain with Pserendipity and the kids at the Capital City Classic – I was all about beauty of one sort or another.


I washed Lovegirl’s hair with the usual products – Creme of Nature detangling shampoo to wash and some cholesterol to condition.  And then.  Oh, and then.  I used the Qhemet Biologics samples on her hair.  I. Love. This. Stuff.  The Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee was used to detangle.  It didn’t make the comb “glide” through as I’d read in various reviews (and maybe on the website itself), but I gotta tell you – I was able to style Lovegirl’s entire head with nary an “ouch” from her.  I’m sold.  I applied a bit to each section of her wet hair, combed it through and twisted as usual.  I also used their Amla and Olive Heavy Cream for moisturizing.  Her hair seems softer  without being greasy as it had a tendency to be after I used Liv cream.  I did about 16 two-strand twists and probably won’t take her hair down until Tuesday night, but if her hair is still detangled and soft then?  I may order cases of this stuff.  I ordered the sample sizes which were 2oz and $5 each.   A little bit goes a long way – I’m anticipating ordering the full sizes maybe 2x a year.  I’m hoping that using these products will help me in encouraging Lovegirl to stay natural and just flat iron or blow her hair out when she wants to rock a straight look when she’s old enough to make that decision.


After the game Pserendipity, the short people, and I went to U.lta in search of the nail drying spray that TM mentioned.  Didn’t find it, but I did find some delicious smelling sugar scrub from Tree Hut.  I cannot begin to tell y’all how much I love the way this stuff smells.  It’s not the best exfoliating scrub I’ve ever used, but it smells so good I’ll give it a pass.  It’s Brazilian Nut and to me smells like vanilla and carmel.

After our trip to Ulta, I painted my nails a deep, deep burgundy (Glossy by Sally Hansen).  I don’t usually paint my fingernails, but they’re so short that I just needed to do something to them.  I can’t vouch for the base coat/top coat (Top 2 Bottom by Orly) yet, but I’ll let you all know at week’s end how well my nails did, or did not, hold up.  Still on the hunt for the nail drying spray….


Sunday I worked on beautifying our living space.  I went to Tarjhay and bought a cheapo black laminate bookself for 19 whole dollars.  It took me about 30 minutes to put together with Lovegirl’s “help.”  I put it in the entry way, decorated it with a lamp, some books and a few knick knacks.  I think the entryway looks much better.  The study is next.  I’ve got to find someone who can lay a tile floor for me on the cheap – but right.  Wish me luck!

Ready For The Weekend Randoms

Hey y’all!  Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?  I’ve got a ticket to the JSU/ASU game – the Capital City Classic.  So, of course, heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow.  I may go anyhow – I definitely won’t melt!  🙂

  • First a recommendation for mammograms at a later age and now a recommendation for fewer pap smears?  I think this is irresponsible at best, deadly at worst.
  • Yesterday at her Thanksgiving program, Lovegirl had a piece of paper with her speech written on it in case she forgot her lines.  And of course, she consulted the paper several times during her speech.  Cool.  Except that she can’t read!!!  At least not about Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock.  Maybe if the whole speech had pertained to hogs, dogs, cats, bats, and hats…..what a con artist!
  • Y’all, I have some internet trolls.  Is that what they’re called?  Anyhow, they’ve been leaving comments about how bad Lovegirl is and that she’ll be pregnant in 5 years (WTH???) if I don’t get her under control.  This is the only mention they’ll be receiving, so I hope they bask in whatever glory they get from it.  Losers.
  • I tried to talk my people into pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.  They weren’t trying to hear me, so let the cooking being.  Turkey roast, collards, dressing, mac and cheese, rolls, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce.  That. Is. All.
  • Why are smoked turkey wings almost $8 at Mart??  Have they lost their rabbit-a minds? 
  • Have you ever heard the phrase “no swap, no swindle?”  I heard it for the first time the other day, Smoochy swears it has been around for ever.  Maybe it’s a man thing??
  • I’ve been planning a manicure ever since Therapeutic Musings posted her secret tools which extend the life of a paint job.  Of course, I can’t find them anywhere.  TM – where’d you get that stuff?
  • I’m reading W.alter M.osley’s Blonde Faith.  Do you read him?  Have I mentioned how much I love the discount tables at B.orders and B.ooks-a-M.illion?

Okay, there was more, but wordpress shut down as soon as I hit “publish” and I’m too old to remember what I wrote just moments ago….

Have  a great weekend!  Be well.

Bawk! Bawk!

So, the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. 

In news that shouldn’t – but does – make Nerd Girl happy I recently learned that….

The chair of my old department (Hell) has just been given a “promotion” and will be the special assistant to the assistant specialist – or some such nonsense (I predict he’ll be outta here in….18 months).  And!  His side piece?  My old supervisor?   She who I recently friended on FB and dined with?  Yeah, her.  She’s going to the house ’cause she already knows that everybody knows she is not qualified for her 90 thousand dollars a year job and there is no way the next chair would keep her.  She’s got qualifications alright, but they’re of the nature usually captured on videos wrapped in plain brown paper.

Na na na na….na na na na….hey hey hey GOOD BYE!!!