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It’s a Blog World After All

the world

So I’ve noticed that a lot of us frequent the same blogs, and that’s cool.  After all, like attracts like.  At least for the purposes of this particular post. 

What I’d like to know is do you have any blogs that don’t appear on your blog roll (if you have one) that you frequent?  I’m always looking for new ways to waste time at work blogs to read and would appreciate suggestions!

A few of my favorites which do not appear on my blog roll are:

Academic Chic.  Three PhD candidates who document their attempts at dressing outside of the “higher ed” box.  They come up with color combinations I never would’ve dreamed of, and usually, they work. 

Life in the Fun Lane.  This blogger is all about decor.  While our styles are not at all similar, I enjoy looking at the pictures she posts and reading about her latest piece of refinished furniture. 

Our Suburban Cottage.  Another decor blog.  She inspires me to get off my duff and work with what I’ve got as it relates to our home.  She’s the reason I spent a great deal of time and energy trying to re-do a piece of furniture this weekend.  Major fail, but I’ve already formulated my Plan B and will be implementing it this weekend.

Young House Love.  Again with the decor.  This young married couple has done some amazing things with their home.  I like their style and drop in frequently for updates, to see what they’ve desinged for others and to enter in their fabulous giveaways.  I haven’t won anything from them.  Yet.

And AR Gal.  Most of y’all are familiar with her, and I’m not sure why she’s not on my blog roll, but I’m about to remedy that right now.  One of the funniest commenters and bloggers around!  Ditto Rashan

Happy Monday everybody!  (The time change is wreaking havoc on ya girl.  I am sleepy and hyper at the same time.  Not a good look.)



15 thoughts on “It’s a Blog World After All

    • I checked out momisodes – I like!

      I’ve tried to read dooce before, but really, I don’t get the hype. But I’m not mad that she blogs for a living! Jealous, maybe, but not mad 🙂

  1. I need to create a blogroll. Too lazy and then when I add people they don’t post anymore. Since I’m blogging everyday this month, I guess I can find time to create one.

  2. I’ve got a full list of blogs bookmarked on my home pc, one of which was that fashion blog I referred you to the other day. I don’t have the patience to list them all but it ranges from post secret, to mommy blogs (I find some of the writers to be really funny and interesting so I keep going back for more), to blogs about lil women living life in the fast lane (ie loose women). lol

  3. I read Life in the Fun Lane and Young House Love too! Another blog I like is getitgirlstyle.blogspot.com, she has fun house decor and clothing stuff. I also read prissymommy.com. I’m not a mom yet, but she does such cute things.

  4. I read so many blogs it makes no sense. Most of my favorites are already in your blogroll, but I love foodgawker.com They post at least 50 recipes a day from various bloggers and they all have pictures for every single one.

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