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Three Down. Two To Go?

I have had to spank Lovegirl every day this week.  Every day.

Monday – I pick Lovegirl up from school and discover that she has been put out of afterschool care because she won’t stop talking.  I ask her what’s going on, she shrugs her shoulder, kinda rolls her eyes and says “I just felt like talking, so I did.”  So I spank her.

Tuesday – I take her to the sitter’s so I can go to class.  When I pick her up, Ms. D. expresses her shock at Lovegirl’s disobedience.  If she told Lovegirl to sit, Lovegirl stood.  If she said talk, Lovegirl was quiet….Ms. D asked her what was going on and Lovegirl shrugs her shoulders, rolls her eyes and says “I didn’t feel like doing what you told me to do, so I didn’t.”  So I spank her.

Wednesday – Please refer to Monday’s incident.

So, three days into this week and I’ve spanked my girl three times.  No me gusta.    I talked to my mom about it and she basically told me that Lovegirl will always challenge me and that I pretty much need to get my mind right, put my game face on, be consistent and let her know that I’m in it to win it.

I’ve given Lovegirl three rules that I review every morning and have her recite before she gets out of the car: listen, be obedient, do good work.  So far my simple little mantra has fallen on deaf ears.

Here’s hoping Thursday will bring better reports all around!  My spanking arm is getting tired.



8 thoughts on “Three Down. Two To Go?

  1. “I just felt like talking, so I did.”
    “I didn’t feel like doing what you told me to do, so I didn’t.”

    I always feel like I give my kids mixed signals…you know “God gave you a brain, so use it” and then when they do this kind of stuff, they get in trouble!

    Good parenting is so hard!

  2. Y’all – I’m about to go pick her up and am hoping I get a better report regarding her behavior.

    I’ve already decided that I will not spank her today, no matter what the report. I just can’t. I’ve also decided that she will not be watching any television on Friday night. She really looks forward to her TV time on Friday nights, and I’m thinking/hoping that this will really make her stop and consider her behavior this past week.

    We shall see….

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