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Tuesday Randoms

  • I very much enjoy a bowl (or two) of Honey Bunches of Oats w/Peaches!  But I do not care for real peaches.
  • Lovegirl and I Skype-d with my Mom and Dad last night.  Pretty stankin’ cool.  Did I mention that my folks are in South America right now headed to Antarctica???
  • I love the Mario song “Just a Friend” and get a little bit happier every time it pops up on Pandora.  “I stay dipped I stay laced and I know you know I”m flyyyy…”
  • Back in the gym and it feels good.  Now if I could just reign in my eating habits which have been terrible lately!
  • My sister-in-law asked me to bring paper goods to my father-in-law’s birthday party this weekend.  No problem.  When we get there she’s all, ummm, can you go to the store and get divided plates?  Seriously?  Nobody in this room looks like they’re going to refuse to eat just because their red rose sausage is touching their potato salad.  But of course, I just said okay and went to the store.
  • December 2009?  Final car payment!  August 2010?  Childcare expenses reduced by 3/4!  I’m getting two “raises” next year y’all!!!
  • I’m buying a laptop in January.  In February I will start saving my “car payment” money.  But I’m getting that darn laptop.  Actually, it’s a netbook, but whatev.
  • I think Kevin is going to win Top Chef.  Whoo hooo!
  • When I gain weight I get a little curvier on the bottom half.  Unfortunately it’s jiggly curve.  Then I work out and lose it.  I wish there were a way to keep the curve and lose the jiggle.  Is this even possible?
  • Jameil posted a recipe for brined chicken which I think I shall attempt this weekend.  Minus the rosemary.  No me gusta rosemary.  Too similar to consuming pine needles – or so I would imagine.
  • I am making a concerted effort to keep my hands off of my face.  I didn’t realize how much I touch my face during the day.  Disgusting, really.
  • I accepted my ex-boss’ FB friend request.  So far, so good.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think she’s decent.  Just not to work for.  Hope I don’t end up eating my words.
  • My brother paid the other brother’s bill.  I’m going to send dude a gift card this weekend.  We’re not going to give him an “allowance” but we are going to stash some cash for him “just in case” so it doesn’t create havoc in our financial lives if/when he needs some more help.  He’s good people, and just having a tough time right now.  I can’t see not helping him.  Thanks for the input!

Have a great Tuesday!!!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Randoms

  1. Antarctica? Wow! Put that on the list of places I would never want to go, but like to see on TV.

    LOL @ divided plates.

    I’m starting to feel like I need a laptop since I’m on the road so much, but I doubt I’m going to get one anytime soon.

    I can vouch for Jameil’s brined chicken recipe. That chicken was amazing!

  2. Why have I been reading your blog and not commenting?

    Your parents are so freaking worldly. My mom and dad only go to Jackson. My house.

    Where would you be without me? Not eating honey bunches of oats with peaches, that’s for sure!

    I didn’t realize how much I touched my face until I started trying to wear make-up. I was also taken aback.

    She would’ve been buying her own plates to satisfy her divided plate issues. I just would’ve started yelling “I like my food to touch!!!”

  3. I gain wait in my butt and thighs and my thighs get all lumpy (uggghhhh it’s gross).

    I never touch my face and will fall out into a fit if somebody tries to touch it. When TheCount and I first started dating he tried to touch my face to kiss me and I almost killed him. My skin breaks out enough without adding your germs to it.

    Can your parents take my momma with them on their next trip? She sits at home waiting for travel invitations, but it seems the only place people want to go are California, Jamaica, and New York.

  4. U m… divided plates? get.them.yourself.or.specify.in.advance. NO! Did you say headed to Antarctica? WOW! That’s pretty cool! Rosemary looks piney but doesn’t taste that way (well… maybe a little but not in the prickly way)! Lolol! It softens in the cooking process. I wonder if there’s ground rosemary… I’m sure. Maybe try it like that. Or like you said, leave it out at all. I’m willing to root for Kevin. If Robin doesn’t leave this week, I’m sending hate mail to Bravo. I love real peaches! Scared of the fake ones. Paid off my car in Sept.!! YAY!!!

  5. See I can’t imagine eating peaches with oatmeal but love peaches. The human race is a rather peculiar bunch. lol

    I need to get skype set up on my computer.

    I haven’t worked out since Wednesday. I’m starting back fresh today.

    Divided plates? LMAO Girl BYE! Take this or leave it is all she would have heard from me.

    YAY for two raises!

    I posed the allowance for a sibling question to my Mistah last night. Without even a second thought he said of course. Then he says, “….but I mean it wouldn’t be forever and I wouldn’t do it if it meant financial hardship for us. Eventually, she’d have to do for herself or have a baby and get on welfare or something.” He was just joking about the last part but it was so funny when he said it that I just had to share.

  6. I would be ok with Kevin winning Top Chef, as if my vote really matters. *lol* Mike Isabella was my favorite, but since he’s gone, I can roll with Kevin. If Jennifer or Robin are somehow in the finale, I shall send Padma, Tom and Gail nasty emails. =)

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