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She Loves Me….Not

Lately Lovegirl has been obsessed with death.  More specifically, my death. 

Oh, before you go and get all worried about the wee precious one and her psyche, let me assure you – she’s good.

Lovegirl:  Mama, are you going to be dying anytime soon?
Nerd Girl:  Uh, no.  I hope not, but really, only God knows.  Why?  What’s up?
Lovegirl:  Well, I’ve just been thinking that if you die, I sure hope they have cell phones in heaven.  You’re going to need to call Daddy every day and tell him what to do.  The only store he knows how to go to is the gas station to buy Cheetos.  That’s not going to work.  Oh, and when you get there can you tell Jesus that I do not like marshmallows and don’t want any when I get to heaven?
Nerd Girl:  Ooookayyyy……

Somehow I should’ve known her concern about my demise had absolutely nothing to do with her love for me or how much she’d miss me!


Lovegirl:  Yeah, so I think my mom’s going to be dying soon.
Aidan:  Why?
Lovegirl:  Well, she’s through growing and eats her vegetables because she likes them.  There’s nothing left for her to do.
Aidan:  So you think she’s dying huh?
Lovegirl:  Yeah.  I just hope she goes to heaven and not Hades.  If she goes to Hades she’ll be with the devil and just die over, and over, and over again.  And it’s hot down there.
Nerd Girl:  Alright y’all!  That’s enough.  Where are you getting this?
Lovegirl & Aidan:  Ms. J at school.

Dear God.  Perhaps a secular preschool would’ve been a wiser decision…..


Lovegirl:  Mom, when are you going to die?
Nerd Girl:  Honey, I told you, I don’t know.  Only God knows when we die. 
Lovegirl:  Well, if you died today, Daddy could come home off the road.  I sure do miss Daddy.

I will be sleeping with one eye open!!!


7 thoughts on “She Loves Me….Not

  1. LOL. Also not at the idea of you dying but you sleeping with one eye open. It’s just something that kids this age are preoccupied with. And I know with my 5 yr old, since Michael Jackson died it’s been even worse. This too shall pass. Keep your sense of humor.

  2. |||||||||||||||||||||||///////////////////___________________________________

    You and PSerendipity simply MUST capture more of these moments between LoveGirl and Aidan before they move!! OMG, I am over here in TEARS!!!! LMAO!!!

  3. I’m with AR GAl IIIIIIIIIIIIIII/////////////_________________

    She sounds like she’s 16. You gotta be making this up!! She did NOT have this convo with Aidan! ROFL She said there’s nothing else for you to do?? BAWAHAHAHAAAAAA

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