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There’s a younger lady at work of whom I am quite fond.

She has recently become quite promiscuous loving (I know, I know, judge not….) and I am worried about her. She’s divorced, has kids, etc., etc.

I want to pull her aside and tell her that she is worth more than whatever hot s.ex on a platter she’s offering up. Lord, I’m starting to feel like somebody’s grandma….

Anyhow, should I express my concern and impart some of my 37 years of wisdom on her……or just keep listening to her exploits and hope to pick up a few tips??  Is this the kind of thing she’ll just have to learn from herself?

Thanks y’all!


19 thoughts on “WWYD?

  1. I think once someone has been married, divorced, and has kids, its going to be too late for her to listen to advice. Although I would tell her that I don’t want to hear about it. BTW, I heard “H.ot Se.x On A Platter” today. LOL

    • Good point. I guess I do need to tell her to keep her stories to herself ’cause yours truly doesn’t want to hear about her exploits!!! Did you really? I haven’t heard that song in years!

  2. Is it just one dude or many? Ok, wait that doesn’t matter.

    It sounds like young Stella is trying to get her groove back. I say live and let live. The only pearl of wisdom I would impart (and that is if I was asked) is that she make sure it stays wrapped up tiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhht. She already has kids, no need to populate the nation.

    *drops mic*

  3. I’m pretty free when it comes to the s-e-x and I support a woman’s right to be a total slut puppy if she chooses. So, is the issue that she’s getting it on the regular from a bunch of different random people or that you’re hearing about it? Because those are 2 entirely separate things…

    • Hmmm….I think my concern stems from the fact that she keeps making stupid decisions and has had to face some pretty serious consequences. I don’t really care how many people she sleeps with or how often, I just want her to stop making what I think are pretty dumb-a mistakes all of which stem from her choices of bed partners.

      And I’m tired of hearing about it.

      • In that case I say you should talk to her…not just to tell her that you don’t really want to hear about it, but also in an “I’m concerned about you and it seems like maybe you are looking to the wrong places for validation” kinda way, which is the impression I’m getting. Offer her some support, try to build her up, that kinda thing. Seems like women are often quick to tear each other down so when we get the opportunity to help build each other up I’m all about taking it.

  4. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s ok to say that. But she might just want to let loose and get it in. There’s no talking anyone out of that.

  5. Hmmm…I would say that you should say something but use a tactical “heeeeey girlfriend” approach and not the motherly approach. The motherly approach may cause her to backlash. It sounds like she’s indirectly asking for attention from you (and the men).

  6. Hell if she wants to get her proper freak on like Missy Elliot, then so be it. But if she’s coming up into the workplace and spilling all her beans, then its not professional and is going to reflect poorly on her. Perception is everything.

    I do agree with Barista about the need to not be preachy if you do decide to approach her with it.

    • Right on! I think the fact that she tells all her biz at work is what trips me out the most. Yesterday, I was lunching with some of the other ladies and they started discussing what she’d talked about at lunch the day before – positions, hanging from the ceiling, etc…..that is too dadgum much to share at work. Waaaay too much!

  7. I would keep my mouth shut until I couldn’t take it anymore b/c my friends call me judgmental on this subject. And the most promiscuous ones (though I’m the quietest around them) say, “I know you think I’m a hoe.” My response, “Do YOU think you’re a hoe?” I’m sayin… maybe you should slow down on all the bed hoppin… isn’t one kid w/a man who doesn’t love you enough?

    • Most of our conversations start with her saying “I know you think I shouldn’t be doing this, but…..” so I don’t know why she continues to share so freely with me.

      I think Fresh is right, she’s just looking for attention where she can get it.

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