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Bawk! Bawk!

So, the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. 

In news that shouldn’t – but does – make Nerd Girl happy I recently learned that….

The chair of my old department (Hell) has just been given a “promotion” and will be the special assistant to the assistant specialist – or some such nonsense (I predict he’ll be outta here in….18 months).  And!  His side piece?  My old supervisor?   She who I recently friended on FB and dined with?  Yeah, her.  She’s going to the house ’cause she already knows that everybody knows she is not qualified for her 90 thousand dollars a year job and there is no way the next chair would keep her.  She’s got qualifications alright, but they’re of the nature usually captured on videos wrapped in plain brown paper.

Na na na na….na na na na….hey hey hey GOOD BYE!!!


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