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Ready For The Weekend Randoms

Hey y’all!  Happy Friday!  What are you up to this weekend?  I’ve got a ticket to the JSU/ASU game – the Capital City Classic.  So, of course, heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow.  I may go anyhow – I definitely won’t melt!  🙂

  • First a recommendation for mammograms at a later age and now a recommendation for fewer pap smears?  I think this is irresponsible at best, deadly at worst.
  • Yesterday at her Thanksgiving program, Lovegirl had a piece of paper with her speech written on it in case she forgot her lines.  And of course, she consulted the paper several times during her speech.  Cool.  Except that she can’t read!!!  At least not about Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock.  Maybe if the whole speech had pertained to hogs, dogs, cats, bats, and hats…..what a con artist!
  • Y’all, I have some internet trolls.  Is that what they’re called?  Anyhow, they’ve been leaving comments about how bad Lovegirl is and that she’ll be pregnant in 5 years (WTH???) if I don’t get her under control.  This is the only mention they’ll be receiving, so I hope they bask in whatever glory they get from it.  Losers.
  • I tried to talk my people into pizza for Thanksgiving dinner.  They weren’t trying to hear me, so let the cooking being.  Turkey roast, collards, dressing, mac and cheese, rolls, sweet potato pie and cranberry sauce.  That. Is. All.
  • Why are smoked turkey wings almost $8 at W.al Mart??  Have they lost their rabbit-a minds? 
  • Have you ever heard the phrase “no swap, no swindle?”  I heard it for the first time the other day, Smoochy swears it has been around for ever.  Maybe it’s a man thing??
  • I’ve been planning a manicure ever since Therapeutic Musings posted her secret tools which extend the life of a paint job.  Of course, I can’t find them anywhere.  TM – where’d you get that stuff?
  • I’m reading W.alter M.osley’s Blonde Faith.  Do you read him?  Have I mentioned how much I love the discount tables at B.orders and B.ooks-a-M.illion?

Okay, there was more, but wordpress shut down as soon as I hit “publish” and I’m too old to remember what I wrote just moments ago….

Have  a great weekend!  Be well.


5 thoughts on “Ready For The Weekend Randoms

  1. I heart LoveGirl and will put a hex on anyone that speaks badly of her!!!!

    Pizza for thanksgiving would be fine by me too! lol Easy clean-up and you’re full. SCORE!!!

    I’ve never heard the phrase before. What exactly does it mean?

    I love discount tables at Hastings (our version of Bord.ers/BAM/etc)

  2. Lovegirl was faking the people out. She’s so witty and wise, she’ll be the trolls’ boss in 16 years.

    I’ve never heard that phrase either. I don’t get it.

    I got the spray from Wal Mart, but I’ve seen it at Target too. I got the polish from Ulta, but I’m sure any store like Sephora or maybe even a beauty supply store will have it.

    We don’t even know where we’re going for Thanksgiving yet. I guess we’ll be party crashers for his side, because none of my family will be in town.

  3. I’ve heard a similar phrase “Even swap – no swindle”….not too popular now but used to hear it a lot when I was little(in the 80s)….also I’ve read all the books with Easy Rawlins in them—looooove Walter Mosley!!!

  4. Boo to trolls. Losers!

    Nope, I’ve never heard “No swap, no swindle” and I still don’t really understand what it means.

    I’ve read Walter Moseley before. Can’t say I really dig him, but I appreciate his craft.

    LoveGirl is too funny with the speech and paper. She tickles me.

  5. lol @ reading, but can’t read. stupid trolls, i would have to do some investigating with my sitemeter to see if i can figure out who it is.

    back when i used to read, mosley was a favorite.

    i’ve never heard that phrase either, and i never knew if it was rabbit-a or rabid-a mind.

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