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I Shouldn’t Have Looked….

….and other pre-Thanksgiving randoms!

  • Why, why, why did I let the lady at W.alMart hand me a Black Friday flyer?  And why did I look inside?  I see three things I definitely want to get Lovegirl:  a guitar for $15, a Vtech handheld game for $30 and a coat for $7.  I’m also thinking about the $29 digital photo frame and the $59 GPS.  Of course, I have absolutely no need for a GPS, so that’s probably not happening.  I’ve only done the Black Friday shopping thing once and didn’t enjoy it at all – still on the fence about this year.  Do you participate?
  • Smoochy called me yesterday and told me what he wanted for Christmas: satellite radio.  I was like “cool – that’d be good to have while you are driving.”  He then informed me that he’d just bought one and was enjoying it.  Alrightie then…..
  • Lovegirl is at work with me today.  God help us all.  We’ve been to the cafeteria, had breakfast, she’s walked over to another set of offices, she’s helped count meal cards, been given a sucker, been complimented on her frog rain boots and asked if she was going to get a shot.  And it’s not even 9:30.  Come on two o’clock!
  • This afternoon will be dedicated to cooking and cleaning.  For “our” Thanksgiving we are having: turkey breast roast, dressing, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  I’m making pasta salad for the big meal at my sister-in-law’s house.  I don’t even really like pasta salad, so I’m not sure how this became my signature dish, but whatever.  It’s cheap and easy, so I’m not mad.
  • That’s about it.  It’s slow motion around here and in blogland.  I shall try to keep myself occupied for the next few hours and then I’m out ’til Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Don’t forget to count your many, many blessings!!!


9 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Have Looked….

  1. I don’t do Black Friday. I thought about doing it this year, but my thoughts didn’t catch up to my budget, so even if I WANTED to do it, I can’t.

    If you have a good pasta salad recipe, let me know. I love pasta salad, but my mom never made it, so I essentially never learned how to make it and am hesitant to try it all willy nilly without knowing someone else did it first.

    Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    • A good recipe? That’s debatable, but I’ll share what I do – it’s basic and really “to taste”, not a real recipe with measurements and all.

      1 box of tri colored rotini
      1 bottle of Paul Newman’s Family Recipe Italian Salad Dressing
      Diced red onion (not the whole thing, unless you’re into onion like that)
      Diced tomato
      Diced cucumber
      Salt, Pepper to taste
      Parmesan Cheese to taste

      Boil the pasta to al dente and drain. Add everything but the salt, pepper and parmesan and let chill for a few hours. Taste it and then add the rest. Chill ’til serving

      If I were making this for someone besides my inlaws (his family is picky w/veggies) I would add olives, celery, and bellpepper and use sun dried tomatoes instead of fresh.

  2. I have in the past to get a tv and almost got Paula Deen’d in the head by a dude that was trying to get at one of the boxes the tv’s were in. The only thing I will get out for this year is the bomb deal on a vacuum. I want/need a new in the worst way.

    I want a guitar but then I’d need lessons so it would probably sit and collect dust. I don’t want to be like those people on Clean House. 😦

    CTHU @ Smoochie!

    Your recipe and mine are almost identical (I’m mixing the collards with turnip greens).

    I wish someone would bring their kids up here for me to play with. It would be fun! I should have tested the water and brought my small dog up here. LOL!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • Okay, you just used Paul Deen’d as a verb. I am so mad at you! Cracking up, but still mad!

      Are you going to WMt for the vacuum? I saw a …Eureka for $35. Yeah, I’m a little WMt crazy right now.

      I’ll send you Lovegirl’s in a few months if she hasn’t broken all the strings. As long as you’re cool with Hannah Montana 😉

      • I just noticed I said recipe. I meant menu. Sheesh!

        Don’t be mad. I’ve been waiting to use Paula Deen’d in a sentence every since I watched that guy throw that thing at her. LMAO!!

        I doubt if it will be the Eureka brand. The reviews on their line of vacuums are pretty bad. I’m shooting for a Hoover, Oreck, Dyson. I hope they are worth the $$.

        That Hannah Montana guitar will probably be all I need. My attention span is extremely short.

        Dangit! I just remembered that I forgot to go pick up a container of that sugar scrub while I was in WM earlier. *shakes fist at myself*

  3. LOL @ your husband. He was really just informing you!

    I make a similar pasta salad. I add imiation crab, shrimp, ham, turkey, pickles and shredded cheddar and parmesan. The sundried tomatoes sound awesome as does the cukes!

    • Pray for Smoochy! Pray for me! I couldn’t do anything but laugh when he called me with that madness.

      Hmmm, it never dawned on me to put meat in it…..next time I’ll definitely add turkey. Do you use deli-type meat??

  4. Hey man! Get up on those good deals! I got 5 movies released in the last 3 years for $5 each in a pre-black friday deal. Crazy. Smoochy is WRONG for telling you what he wanted, then saying he already had it!!! BOOO SMOOCHY!! Lol. You made it through a work day w/Lovegirl! lolol. The frog rain boots from Target? If so I know what you mean & they are tooo cute! I wanted a child who could wear them! Lol. Thanksgiving sounds great!! & finally, I’m not big on pasta salad either.

    • I’m seriously considering going for it this year. Wal Mart only. And maybe Kohl’s….

      Really, I’m not even mad at the dude. The only person I enjoy shopping for at Christmas is Lovegirl. Everybody else usually gets gift cards. The stress of finding the “perfect” gift for grown folks who have too much already just makes me all scrooge-like. Smoochy did me a favor. But he’s still wrong for buying and using his Christmas gift BEFORE Thanksgiving.

      Yep, the Target boots. The girl loves them and tries to wear them every day. Most days she succeeds!!

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