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Randoms…a Pictorial

It’s Sunday afternoon.  We just got home from church and Lovegirl and I are about to go through her toys (again) and clear some stuff out.  I’m not buying her much for Christmas, but we’ve got to get rid of some old to make room for some new.  Anything that we get rid of will be donated to the Children’s Hospital thrown away as it is all junk.

This a pic of Lovegirl I took at the MS State Fair.  As usual, she had a ball.  I so love my kid!

Fun at the Fair

Okay, the Orly top/base coat that TM recommended?  That stuff rocks!  I usually don’t paint my fingernails because I cannot stand – I mean I cannot stand – jacked up, chipped fingernails.  Tres tacky!  So I usually forgo fingernail polish and just rock a longer, buffed nail.  A nail broke, so I had to cut them all down.  Anyhoo, I realized that while dark colors look absolutely horrid on long fingernails, a shorter dark nail looks pretty darn good.  Below are my not-so-great pics of my nails (in Glossy by Sally H) freshly polished and a week later (after regular day to day stuff, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, washing a grip of dishes, raking the yard…..) While my nails did lose a lot of their shine, the nail polish still looked pretty good (no major chips, etc.) a week later and I probably could’ve gotten away with just adding another topcoat.  But that’s not how I roll. (Feel free to click and enlarge the pics for a better view of the nail colors/polish job)

Glossy – Day 1

Glossy - Day 7 or 8

Mmkay, so now I’m all into short, dark nails and will probably rock this look into the spring.  So I did my nails last night with a color I picked up at U.lta (where OPI colors are buy two get one free – so I did!)  This week I’m wearing Lincoln Park at Midnight a loverly dark purple that I am so enjoying!  See?


What else?  Oh yes, my cheap-o black bookshelf.  I still need to put a knick knack or two on the middle shelf and find a coordinating lampshade for the lamp that I bought forever ago, but I’m really quite pleased with how my $19 investment has filled up a blank wall that drove me batty for the longest. I don’t know what’s going on with my plants, they used to be healthy and full and have just fallen way off…trying to nurse them back to lusciousness.  Especially the peace lily which is a funeral plant (is there a proper name?) from when Smoochy’s Mom died.  That is one plant I have got to ensure lives!  Any tips?

Okay, I’m off to work on Lovegirl’s room and her ridiculous toy collection.  Wish me luck!

Oh, in addition to the satellite radio Smoochy so accommodatingly purchased for himself last week – for Christmas – I am also getting dude a Phil Collins greatest hits CD.  I think there are a few floating around, so I need to narrow it down but it absolutely, positively must have “In the Air Tonight” on it.  Not sure what else Smoochy’s getting – if anything – but I’m pleased to have two gifts in mind for him even if he did buy one himself 🙂

Peace out!


5 thoughts on “Randoms…a Pictorial

  1. Yayyyy! I’m glad Orly worked, adding another topcoat does work for restoring the shine 🙂 I have wanted a bookcase for an empty spot since we moved in, but TheCount gets upset when I buy new furniture that he’ll have to move out. Perhaps I’ll get it as a Christmas present to myself. Hmmm, I want some plants too. Maybe I’ll create a corner just like yours for my house, I’ll give you the credit, lol.

  2. Lovegirl!!!

    I love the length of your nails and that polish color.

    I wish I could offer a suggestion regarding the plant but my gardening thumb is black.

    Good luck with the toys!

  3. I have a Phil Collins Hits CD at home, I will look and tell you the name and label. And it has In the Air Tonight on it!

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