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Nerd Girl:  Okay Lovegirl, I’ve turned the channel to N.oggin (AKA Nick Jr.).  This is the only channel I want you to watch.  Do you understand?

Lovegirl:  Yes ma’am.

About 15 minutes later, Lovegirl comes in my room, head down.

Lovegirl:  Mama, I’m sorry I was disobedient.  I changed the channel.  I know you told me not to, but I did. 

Nerd Girl:  Oh Lovegirl….

Lovegirl:  Well, the only reason I’m telling on myself is because I need to know the score.  I’m watching the game.  Who’s winning?

And I’ll be darned if that little kid of mine hadn’t turned to CBS to watch the Steelers/Ravens game.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh and tell her that the Steelers were ahead. 

I love my kid!


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