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Cheap, Ahem…Inexpensive Gift Idea

If you don’t know now you know….

A.mazon. com is having a wonderful sale on magazine subscriptions.  Some can be had for as little as $5 – R.eal Simple, S.outhern Living, C.osmo – while others are $5 or $10 off at checkout.

You might think a magazine subscription is a cheesy gift, but I beg to differ.  My Mom has gifted me with a subscription to R.eal Simple for the last several years and I love it!  I am thrilled when my favorite magazine arrives every month and look forward to spending hours flipping through the pages.  I honestly cannot remember what else she got me last year, but I remember – and appreciate – my subscription to RS.

I got my youngest brother the news/NPR/current events junkie a subscription to T.ime.  I’m thinking Smoochy’s sister might come up on a R.eal Simple subscription of her own since she’s always trying to borrow mine.  And my don’t-need-another-single-thing parents?  Probably T.ravel + Leisure since they just don’t know how to stay still for long.

Happy Shopping!


5 thoughts on “Cheap, Ahem…Inexpensive Gift Idea

  1. Get out of my head! I’m on there right now looking at getting my daddy a magazine subscription. I don’t think it’s a cheesy gift at all, I would love a magazine subscription gift except the mail carrier may start boycotting our little mailbox because I have so many magazines coming in.

  2. I’ve been receiving “Real Simple” and loving it, but I didn’t even think of gifting it to my mom! *lol* Duh! She’ll love it too! Thanks for the push!

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