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Santa Baby….

Dear Blog Secret Santa ~

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
They’re cool and all, but not really my thing.
Could you send me a shiny diamond ring?
Yeah, didn’t think so but don’t get pissed,
Following is my for-real Christmas hint list:

I like to read, heck I’m a nerd
If I got a Borders gift card I’d be like word!
Cute socks or a scarf would be cool,
And I am a manicure/pedicure nail polishing fool.

Please don’t send me any body wash or lotion
I’m still trying to use all of last year’s potion.
I like jewelry – for my neck and my wrist
If you sent vanilla candles, I wouldn’t be pissed.

So there are some hints dear Santa
I’ve tried to help you out.
Don’t feel obligated to stick to the above,
I’m sure whatever you send will be chosen with blog-love.

So throw your hands in the air,
And wave ’em like you just don’t care,
And if you read Nerd Girl let me hear you say “oh yeah.”

Word up. Clearly my head-cold/cold med combo has taken hold of my senses….


14 thoughts on “Santa Baby….

  1. lol. you took way more time than i would’ve! or maybe time in a different way. i NEVER like body wash or lotion. ever. i like to smell like oil of olay soap & my fave lotion is fragrance free. also can’t stand the smell of vanilla. wanna know the worst christmas gift i ever got? vanilla lotion & body spray in a fuzzy leopard print purse. i don’t believe in fuzzy purses or leopard purses… i felt like she didn’t even know me. my bad on the tangent. lol.

    • Don’t tell anybody, but my pitiful rhyme? Pretty much all I did at work today. I didn’t feel well enough (obviously) to do much else!

      Oh Jameil, we have to part ways on the vanilla scent issue. I love it! Only when the weather is cold, but for 3 or 4 months a year, I am all about it. Forget the parting of ways – a leopard print purse that was fuzzy? No.

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