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School’s Out for Summer

Okay, not really, but I am through for the semester and that darn song was stuck in my head.

I am so glad to be finished! Soooooo glad! Did I mention I was glad??

I’ve got about three weeks of absolutely nothing to do outside of work and family obligations and I’m all giddy just thinking about it.

Oh what shall I do with all of this newly acquired free time? I could finally paint the study, read 10 books or so, learn to crochet, clean up the disaster we call home, climb Mt. Everest….

In reality, I’ll probably read a little, clean a little, get back in the gym with a vengeance and sleep a lot!

I can hardly believe it – I’ll be done with this program in a hot second. Two weeks of wintersession, the spring semester, and one summer session and it is ova!!! Ph.D. anyone?


8 thoughts on “School’s Out for Summer

  1. Look at you winterizing the blog! It’s ca-yoot!

    I’ve got nearly two weeks off and I can’t wait to not do a thing!

    I’ll just start referring to you as Dr. Nerd Girl now. k?

  2. Work it Nerd Girl! My semesters are a bit longer so I don’t get a break break until mid January and even then it’s only for two weeks. I like how thangs are lookin’ ’round here.

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