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Picture This…

See this dress? 

Jessica Howard Two Tone Matte Jersey Halter

Now please, picture it in solid gray and tell me what accessories to wear to make it pop a bit.  The collar is kind of high – can/should I wear a necklace?  I’ve got a party on Saturday and since some idiot (me) washed my black silk dress pants and ruined them I needed something to wear.  I found the above for $30.  I prefer my dress pants/jazzy top combo, but until I find another pair of dress pants….

Also, what color eyeshadow do I wear with a gray dress?  I am so outta my league.  Why didn’t my Mama teach me this stuff?  And who is gonna teach Lovegirl???

Thanks in advance 🙂


26 thoughts on “Picture This…

  1. Re-lax! You have so many options!

    A Necklace is OUT — A high neckline on a dress + necklace = NO-GO.

    I’d definitely go with black, silver or silver-ish accessories. I’d do big, dramatic earrings. These are a good option: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=acc_jewelry&product_id=1073618117&Page=1

    These earrings are also cool: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=acc_earrings&product_id=1070734580&Page=3

    As for shoes, I’d go for either silver strappy sandals or my good ol’ black pumps to keep it simple and easy.

    Also, make sure you also do a bracelet — I like simple thick bracelets like this: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=acc_bracelet&product_id=1073317418&Page=2

    but you can do something like this too: http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=acc_bracelet&product_id=1073613086&Page=1

    Have fun, you’ll look great!


    • Woo sah. Breathe in, breathe out….

      Thanks for all the suggestions especially the smokey eye link – if I don’t end up looking like a raccoon I’ll post my end look 🙂

      (And thanks for stopping by and commenting!)

  2. Got no advice, but when you said why didn’t your Mama teach you that stuff, it reminded me that my father never taught me how to shave. Why didn’t he teach me that!?!

    • I was hoping you would at least suggest an eyeshadow color…

      Did he at least get you a can of Magic Shave? LOL! I see I need to start making a list of things to teach Lovegirl ’cause obviously it is quite easy to let some things slip through the cracks!!!

  3. *Delurking….by way of Creole in DC*

    Pretty Dress…….Love the cut and LURVE the price!

    I will present two options:
    1. dangly earrings in a sparkly black with a bold sparkly black statement bracelet and strappy sandals/or pumps with black sequins. or

    2. dangly earrings in a sparkly silver with clear rhinestones with a sparkly silver/clear rhinestone bold statement bracelet and sparkly silver strappy sandals/pumps.

    IMHO, the dress doesnt need a necklace. A necklace would only compete with the neckline of the dress and be a bit “TOO MUCH”.

    I can send pics of the type of jewelry shoes i am referring to if u like. Just hit me up on email.

    • Thanks for delurking! Welcome 🙂

      I’m going with option 1 since I know I’ll be wearing black shoes. I know exactly where I’m heading to cop some sparkly black earrings on the cheap….thank you!

  4. Your mother chose to let your inner beauty shine through. Your best accessory is your smile.

    Remember, I am still caught up with the blue eye shadow gang. And Lovegirl will be fine. She has both of us as models for what NOT to do!

    • Yeah, yeah, inner beauty. I guess next you’ll tell me that I wasn’t string bean skinny – I was elegant and willowy 🙂

      I’mma need you to let the blue eye shadow go.

      Love u Mamacita!

  5. I agree, I wouldn’t do a necklace with that neckline. For jewelry I would either do:

    (1) Deep wine red chandelier earrings and a stretchy beaded wine-and-other-colors bracelet;

    (2) Sparkly earrings per LisaB’s suggestion above; or

    (3) For a pop of color, bright aqua/turquoise dangly earrings and a set of thin bangles in complementary colors.

    Go through your jewelry and see what you have first – you may have some hidden gems (no pun intended) you’re forgotten about! If you must go buy something and you don’t have a favorite local jeweler, I know that Express is having a jewelry sale so you might want to hit that up.

    For eyeshadow, I would go with a deep purple. Line your upper lids with dark charcoal and smudge it in. And you need a clutch! How about a sequin silver number? And don’t forget a shrug or a wrap or something to snuggle around your shoulders. I would do one in cream or black or charcoal if you have it.

    Okay, now I’m exhausted. But I hope you have fun!

    • Love your suggestions and will be wearing my black wrap and silver clutch (if I can find it!).

      I am going to pick up some purple eyeshadow and an eye pencil tonight. Thank you ma’am!

      I think you’ve neglected to blog about your other life as a fashion stylist. Viva will have you to turn to. Lucky girl!

  6. I think I almost bought this dress a while back! Anyway, no necklace. I say accent with emerald and amethyst colored makeup and jewelry. Definitely hanging earrings.

    • Purple makeup wins! Thank you so much. And welcome back – I’ve been blog stalking you, hoping you’d make an appearance soon. Guess I’ll pop over and see what you’ve been up to. Be well!

  7. My aunt wore a dress similiar to this in a dark gray but very long. At anyrate, I’d suggest no necklace but some statement earrings (big) and a clutch, the shoes you can go with a grey or black. Initially when I first saw the dress and your question, I thought pink…..you could do some solatiare earrings, a scarf and a clutch with some nice shoes.

    Oh, I can’t offer too much advice on the makeup.
    Have fun!

    • I went to Kohl’s last night and was ogling some pink earrings. I decided against them, but only because I already have a good bit of black/grey/silvery accessories and didn’t want to spend the money buying up pink. Very, very cute though and I will wait for them to go on sale – maybe next year!

      Thanks much 🙂

    • Serious question – would charcoal eyeliner show up on me? I tried some colored liners earlier this year – blue, purple, bronze. Couldn’t really see them, so I’ve been wary of color since then.

      Thanks much!

      • For makeup, use brands with high intensity pigment so they show up on dark skin. Urban Decay (expensive but mine was a gift… SCORE!). Also MAC of course (I can’t be bothered with their expense) but most brands have lines that show up on dark skin.

      • it depends on what brands you use . I am about Queen Latifah’s skintone , and colored eyeliners show up on me- turquoise , gold , green , purple etc . Try L’Oreal Hip , Mac , Makeup Forever, Urban Decay – brands that are known for their pigmentation

      • I have a couple of grey dresses and I have worn electric blue accessories and shoes with my dress. I’ve also worn red shoes and accessories. I don’t like to play it so safe with black and grey.:)

  8. No necklace. Glittery black drop earrings. You can wear whatever color shadow you want! Matching your eyeshadow to your outfits is no longer a requirement and generally frowned upon though b/c of the fabness of smoky eyes, grey is allowed when wearing grey! My momma didn’t teach me this stuff either. Style Network, InStyle, Glamour & Clinton & Stacey on What Not to Wear taught me! Plus according to her I was born with a fashion sense! Oh yeah!! S23’s suggestion of popping grey w/electric blue OOH! or bright purple! mmm! delightful!

  9. I think I’m late, but I like red accessories with a gray dress. Also, your eye shadow color doesn’t matter. You don’t have to match it to your clothes. You can wear whatever color you want.

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