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What in The World Is In That Bag?

What you got in that bag?

My current purse is an all-consuming bottomless pit.  I usually carry a relatively small purse with just enough room to fit my wallet, phone, keys and a small make up bag.  One on of my recent trips to Ross I found a large (for me) black bag and decided to take it home and make it my own. Big mistake.

I’m going to empty out my purse and divulge the contents…..exciting stuff I tell ya!

Today, I am toting around:

My cell phone, three loose dollars, a travel cup 1/2 full of water, several envelopes to be shredded, a flier to be tossed, two sheets of Lovegirl’s scratch paper from Bible study last night, a bag from the donut shop this morning full of trash I picked up in the car, my pink wallet, my purple make up bag (vaseline, “O” lipstick, 4N lipgloss, “Ornamental” lipgloss,  travel sized body butter), a Christmas to-do list, an empty cheez-it bag, 4 cotton rounds (??), 2 packs of peanut butter crackers, a tin of mints,3 black pens, my camera, a Capri sun, an empty apple juice box, hand sanitizer, camera battery charger, purple Trident (for Lovegirl), a full apple juice box, a small pack of kleenex, a Chick-fil-A receipt, and an apple. 

Ri-darn-diculous.  Items in pink?  About to be tossed!

What are you toting around today?


8 thoughts on “What in The World Is In That Bag?

  1. The bigger the bag, the more crap we are destined to carry. *lol* My shoulder was starting to hurt, so I just cleaned my purse last night. Therefore, I’m not to embarrassed to answer this. Large wallet w/checkbook, card wallet for everything else (too many store loyalty cards to count!), cell phone pouch with blackberry inside, makeup/hygiene bag (lipstick, liner, Neosporin lip therapy, qtips, dental picks, tweezers, mirror, hand sanitizer, tissues), address book, work badges, granola bar (for me), pacifier, rattle and teething rings (for the baby). Too much crap.

  2. The only reason I’m not toting around a bag similar to yours is, during the holiday season I get super paranoid about my purse being snatched so I just carry my id, checkcard and lip gloss in my pocket.

  3. First off- your bag is off the hook and I have ornamental lipgloss too 🙂 Ok, in my purse I have:
    My 32 ounce water bottle, my camera, l’oreal lipliner, eyeliner, and lipgloss, a blistex pot, a giant bag from esprit, a tin of spearamint altoids smalls, full size bottle of victoria’s secret lotion, sunday and last night’s cd from church, my wallet, paper with the address to the pizza place I went yesterday, artwork a little girl drew me on Sunday, orbit pina colada gum, a tin of peppermint altoids smalls, a bottle of b-12, victoria secret hand sanitizer, keys, my building pass key, a pack of christmas barretts, a pack of safety pins, a prayer I wrote yesterday, a h&m receipt, some unused tissue, a ticket stub from princess and the frog, a purple ink pen, and 4 hair clips and a dime.

    I am so glad I brought my small purse today 🙂

  4. How funny! I was switching purses this morning and thought I had to deal with the mess inside the abyss AKA my purse. Here’s what in there now:

    A packet of papers, my planner, a Pamprin bottle, hand sanitizer spray, ticket stub from the Gator game I went to months ago, my wallet, 5 lip glosses, 9 business cards, an empty gum package, 3 read and white mints, 4 paper clips, clear nail polish (why?), a small container of lotion, ipod ear buds, and a sandwich baggie filled with pens, highlighters, and pencils. And that’s what in there AFTER I threw a few things away this morning.

  5. I have my wallet, some girl stuff *ahem*, my eyeglass case, a dirty spoon, my camera, MAC studio fix, MAC lip glass, some small plastic Walmart bags, a purple pen, a blue pen, sunglasses, keys, a note telling Tim that I’m gone to the bookstore (?), an invoice from Aidan’s school, some Victoria’s Secret Noir body spray, coupons, and some runts.

  6. my wallet, cellphone, earrings from who knows when I last wore them, my make up bag, ear plugs, random receipts, coconut body butter, keys, oil, flip camcorder, digital camera, tissue and a prescription

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