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Somebody, Come Get Her!

Last night Lovegirl was saying her prayers…

Lovegirl:  Dear God, thank you for Daddy and Mama.  All of my friends and family.  Thank you for our house.  Thank you for Aidan.  Please bless everybody in the world.  And God?  Please help me like my Mama’s hair.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

Nerd Girl:  Uh, Lovegirl?  You don’t like my hair?

Lovegirl:  Don’t worry Mama, God’s gonna help me with that.


13 thoughts on “Somebody, Come Get Her!

  1. Nope! She’s mentioned before that I should wear it “like the other moms,” guess she’s been praying a perm would come apply itself to my head. I love my girl! 🙂



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