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Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Mine was good – Lovegirl’s was great!  Smoochy probably wishes he’d added something about good gifts in our wedding vows….oops!  Of  course he loves the radio I “bought” him.  He was less than thrilled with the DVDs I bought him to watch on the road.   Thank God for gift receipts!  The P.hil C.ollins CD was a hit. 

We – Lovegirl and I – drove to NWA (Northwest Arkansas) to spend the holidays with my people.  Middle brother and his girlfriend bought a new house about 6 months ago – it is gorgeous and decorated very nicely.  I told E that she’s done better with her home in 6 months than I’ve done with mine in 6 years – I’ve got to get myself, and the house, together.

When we left MS, it was raining lightly.  By the time we got to LA, it was raining heavily.  We stopped in Conway, AR to stretch our legs and visit my “auntie.”  By the time we left Conway, I felt like I was driving through a monsoon.  About an hour outside of Rogers, AR I thought to myself “hmmm, this is some funny looking rain and the windshield wipers sound different.”  At that moment, my cell phone rang – my brother calling to check on us and see how far out we were, because they were expecting snow and freezing rain.  Crap!  My funny looking rain was sleet/snow!  So, I clutched the steering wheel for dear life, slowed down to about 40, 30, 20, hunkered down as much as one can hunker down in a rented Kia something (note to self: do not ever purchase a Kia something), and crept through the mountainous roads for the last hour.  I was praying, shushing Lovegirl, and listening to J.ohnny Taylor’s “G.ood Love.”  When we made it, I thought about throwing myself on the ground and doing a praise dance of some sort.  But bump that – it was COLD!  So we hurried on in the house and relaxed.

Lovegirl hit the motherlode this year.  She likes her trampoline, her baby doll, her new boots, and the rest of her loot.  She LOVES the two dress up outfits she got.  One was a Princess T.iana dress from her father and I.  The other is a little top/skirt combo that E’s mom got for her.  It’s a little….much, but since she won’t be seen by anyone but family/friends in it, it is a keeper.  My child has fashioned numerous outfits from the three aforementioned pieces.  If she had a bad lace-front and was a touch taller, she’d be a shoe-in for A.merica’s Next T.op M.odel!  It has been a struggle to get her in “regular”clothes.  But really, who can blame her.  Once a tiara has been placed on your head, it is hard to go back to baby blue polo shirts and blue khaki pants!

The rest of our trip was spent with E’s family – who drove in to surprise her, my parents who got to NWA on Saturday, and hordes of similar-minded post holiday shopping strangers.

We made it home safely yesterday – the weather was awesome!  I managed to stop by the store yesterday on our way in.  I managed to buy washing powder, black eyed peas, moisturizer, and bananas.  Yeah….I do much better with a list. 

Anyhoo, I’ll post the requisite pictures tonight/tomorrow.  I plan to spend today working looking for home decor inspiration and finding an external cd drive.  Enjoy your day!


11 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. Kia’s suck so bad, my parent’s had 3! You’d think they would have learned.

    Please share your home inspiration so I can steal, I mean admire, it.

    Oh, and Nerd Girl, it’s always time for praise dancing!

    • Yeah, I’m an equal opportunity car buyer, but Kia? Uh uh, no way!

      I didn’t get to surf as I’d planned – got busted on the internet one time too many, so I “worked” today 🙂

      Have you been talking to Lovegirl?

  2. What part of Conway were you in? You know what? Scratch that. What exit did you get off on? The first, second, third, or fourth? It’s always easier to pinpoint location that way. LOL

    I was hoping some of that winter weather would make its way down a little further south. We got nothing but some funky rain. Oh well…

    I hate bad rental cars. I got a PT Cruiser once thinking it would be cool to drive in for a road trip. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiit, my @ss hurt SO bad after that I needed a butt massage! LOL

    I can’t wait to see the pics!

    • Dave Ward Drive. Is that the first? Conway has grown so much since I started college I hardly recognize it anymore. Oh my! I sound like old folks…

      Trust me, while driving rain is preferred! But, it was pretty once I was inside and warm.

      The one positive about the Kia something? Better than the Chevy Aveo!

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