Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Check your calendars…..

Okay, maybe I’m the only one checking calendars around this joint!…Anyhoo, my 21 day fast?  Almost over.  And while I realize that I am supposed to be praying more and concentrating more on my relationship with God, for the last day or so my thoughts have consistently turned to  food, glorious food! 

I was the same way last year as the end of the fast approached.  I had all these grand ideas on what my first meal after the fast would be.  In reality, the first thing I had was a piece of toast and a cup of tea with honey.  Finest breakfast ever!  I’ll probably repeat that menu this year.  And head straight to IHOP after church for a short stack and a cup of decaf.

While I am really, really, really looking forward to that piece of toast on Sunday morning, I have to say that taking the focus off of myself and what I want in order to concentrate more fully on God has been wonderful.  I feel as though our relationship has been strengthened and I am more in tune with Him…He spoke and I listened.    I spoke and He listened.  Who could ask for better?


What up Buttercup?

  • Thank you all so much for your prayers for my interview on Monday.  I have to go through another interview – with a dude I’ve interviewed with 2x before.  We shall see…..
  • It is time for me to learn how to style my locs.  They’re at an annoying length – they rest on the back of my neck and drive me batty.  Today, I wrapped a headband around them and tied it high and tight to keep them off my neck, but I’ve got to come up with something that looks better.  Today, I look quite crazy!
  • I have decided that I will not buy any new clothes, shoes, or accessories in February.  Not that I’m a huge shopper anyway, but lately I have gotten into the bad habit of buying something every week – especially with all of the clearance sales going on.  There is a pair of jeans that I want which I am buying Friday – I have a gift card which will cover most of the cost.  After that?  I’m retiring the debit card except for groceries, gas, and true household necessities!
  • My sleep patterns are off.  Way off.  I’ve been falling asleep at about 830 then waking up at 2 or 230 and finishing whatever I was supposed to be doing when I fell asleep – studying, posting for my online class, or cleaning.  Well, by the time I finish it is 4 or so and then I just lay – lie? – around waiting for 5.  So uncool.  I am tired and thrown off.  Why I can’t just stay up until 10 or 11 and then call it a night, I don’t know.
  • I hope we  receive an income tax refund this year.  If we do, I’m banking it for travel.  A couple of days at the beach for the three of us this summer and then CA for Christmas.
  • I am really looking forward to the stack of pancakes and cup of decaf I plan on consuming after church on Sunday.  Cannot wait!


What’s shaking in your world??

Ah, the Randomness

  • My parents are in Costa Rica.  I’m jealous
  • I don’t understand why so many people are opposed to everyone having health insurance and decent medical care.
  • My mini-vacation from school is over.  Classes start up again tomorrow.
  • Some dude tried to pick me up in Best Buy.  He had on a red beret.
  • I bought a wristlet the other day.  Love it!
  • Thanks to TM, I’m considering a shopping ban in February.
  • I don’t like being solicited over the phone, even if it is the blood bank.
  • Smoochy has been eating much better and exercising regularly.  I am thrilled!
  • I read a lot of J.ames P.atterson.
  • The weather has been absolutely beautiful – 72 today, I think.
  • Every time I remark on how great the weather is I think about my Grandma and smile.
  • I wanted to muzzle the lady who was two machines over from me on the elliptical  – why was she grunting and sighing like she was bench pressing 400 pounds.  Shhhhhh….be quiet!
  • I took the kiddo to see the C.hipmunk movie on Monday.  I think I enjoyed it more than she did.
  • I saw The B.lind Side on Tuesday.  Blech.
  • I love both my new rice cooker and immersion blender.  I can’t believe I am so late to the game.
  • When I think about my life this far I get a little verklempt.  I am glad to be me.
  • Thinking about painting our bedroom a deep, burnt orange. 
  • We seem to own exactly one tablespoon and about three teaspoons.  Where is my silverware???
  • I think all politicians should follow NY Governor P.aterson’s lead and just admit to their affairs before they take office.
  • I’m on a mission to use up all of my random and sundry body washes and lotions before I buy any more.   I’ve got more random bottles than the law should allow.
  • My new favorite quote?  “Every day is the best day.”  Yeah, that’s courtesy of the kid.
  • My current ringtone is “My H.ood” by BG.  I have no explanation.
  • Have a great weekend!


This is the scarf and glove set I got from She Needs for the Secret Santa exchange.  WordPress had been tripping and I am just now able to upload pics again. 

Thanks again She Needs!

This is my stash from the dollar jewelry store.  Most of this won’t be worn until spring and summer hit.

Last of the big spenders....

Life Lesson #9537

If you get out of your car and then hop in the back seat with your kid to calm her fears about a thunderstorm and close the door behind you and you have the child safety lock thingie on?  You will be forced to climb from the back seat to the front seat to escape – likely kicking your kid in the forehead with 3″ heels. 

Or so I’ve heard.

One dolla!

Y’all.  I have lost my mind.  Well, kinda.

Last week I was walking out of K.ohls and decided to check out the little jewelry store next door.  J Jewelry I think.  Y’all!  Everything is one dollar.  Well, they do have some higher priced goods – you know, the 3 and 4 dollar stuff – but most of their merchandise can be had for the low, low price of a dollar. 

Of course, no one will ever mistake this stuff for estate jewelry, but some of it looks pretty good and  I happily partook.  Last week I spent seven whole dollars and bought two bracelet and earring sets (one brown, one purple), two bracelets (one orange, one green), a pair of funky little summer earrings and two wooden bracelets – one light, one dark.

Well, yesterday ya girl played hooky from work and the dollar jewelry store called my name again.  My damage?  Five dollars.  This time I picked up another earring and bracelet set, two fake flowers (one brown, one black – thanks for the idea Kelly!), a yellow bracelet and a purple one.

I am spending my retirement money one dollar and one cheap piece of jewelry at a time.   I may need an intervention.

I won’t even tell you all how I almost lost my mind when we were home this summer and I realized they had watermelons at the 99 cent store!  Good watermelons.

Dollar stores – yay or nay?  What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought for a dollar??

Tasty Goodness

Tonight for dinner?  I had no clue.  We’ve eaten all the beans and rice.  I finished off the veggie bowl I attempted on Sunday, and the spaghetti has been long gone.  What to do?

Well, I whipped up some tasty goodness which I shall share with you.  Of course, I didn’t measure, but this is soooo good.

I cut up two portabella mushroom caps and sauteed them in butter.  Then  I tossed in some cut up sun dried tomatoes and left over broccoli.  Added a little black pepper and some parsley flakes.  Poured in enough vegetable broth to make a sauce and let it simmer for a while.  Poured the whole concoction over some mini bow tie pasta.  So, so good!  I imagine it’ll be just as tasty over brown rice and plan on testing that theory this weekend.