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Blogging While Bored…at Work

Let’s see…

~ Lovegirl’s teacher, the school director, and I are having a sit down on Monday.  Nearly every day Lovegirl comes home and tells me something her teacher has said that I consider inappropriate for a teacher – particularly a teacher of 5 year olds.  Most recently?  The new class is rule is “don’t talk to Lovegirl” and Lovegirl’s been told “you can’t write anything.”  Okay, my kid talks a lot.  And she needs to be quiet in class.  I get that.  However, I’m sure that saying “don’t talk to Lovegirl” is not the best approach to dealing with my chatty kid.  And “you can’t write anything”?  No ma’am!  Lovegirl’s writing can indeed be atrocious.  But how about “your threes are good, let’s work on your eight and six?”  Why would you tell a child they can’t do something academic?  I spend way too much time working on building Lovegirl up to have this chick speak negativity into her life.  Now, I’m hoping this is all a misunderstanding and that Lovegirl hasn’t told me the entire story.  But if not, it is on.  I will not have anyone putting limitations on my child – particularly when it comes to academics!

~ Speaking of academics… my wintersession has begun.  Blech.  I have class every day for two weeks straight.  Three papers due and I have to give four lectures.  Blech.  But, it knocks out a semester, so I’mma dig in and be comforted by the fact that it’ll be over before I know it.  Right?  Right.

~ Pelvis has left the building.  My old boss from Hell went to the house yesterday.  She shall be missed.  By someone.  Not necessarily yours truly.

~ Another Qhemet Biologics rave.  Their castor and moringa softening serum?  The bomb!  My locs are much, much softer than they’ve ever been.  The only downside?  I think I paid like $14 for a relatively small bottle.  Please believe I’ll be running to the natural food store and trying to replicate this at home.  But if I can’t.  I’ll just have to part with the $.  This stuff is good!

~ I am getting ready for another corporate fast with my church – we start this Sunday.  I am giving up the same three things this year that I did last – meat, bread, and sweets.  The bread and sweets are most difficult for me.  I will be sitting down this weekend and planning my menu for next week.  I am preparing to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grain pastas.  I will definitely be putting my soup pot to good use! 

~ Looking forward to Jaheim’s new album.  I think he is an artist who is slept on by the masses.  The dude constantly turns out good music.  I can’t think of a single song of his that I don’t like.  Well, except “Me and My *itch.”  And if he’d chosen a more appropriate term of endearment, I’d be down with that one too.

~ I believe I’ve talked Smoochy into going to a comedy show with me next month.  Sommore, Bruce Bruce, George Wilborn and Don DC Curry.  I’m really going for Bruce Bruce.  That dude is hilarious to me!

Mmkay, that’s it.  I’ve got to get back to my coursework.  2 days down.  8 to go!


14 thoughts on “Blogging While Bored…at Work

  1. Sommore made me laugh but some of her stuff was a little much for me!! ROTFL @ “She shall be missed. By someone.” Hahahaha. Hmmmm… may have to try that qhmet! Lovegirl’s teacher better have an excellent explanation!!!!! LUCY!! YOU GOT SOME ‘SPLAININ TO DO!!!

    • Yep. I’m not a big Sommore fan, but I’ll tolerate her to see my boy BB!

      I really do like the way my locs feel. Still not nearly as soft as my new growth, but a definitely improvement. If you try it, let me know what you think!

  2. What in the world does she expect Lovegirl to do when she’s in class? Write in her head?? Yeah, gone head and handle Ms. Chee-toes. *smh*

    YAY for academics. Boooooo to the assignments that go along with it.

    LMAO @ Pelvis. I wonder if she thrusted herself out the door.

    That’s quite a lineup for the comedy show. I hope Smoochy decides to go. What better way to start the new year off with laughter!

    • Okay, my bad. She is saying that Lovegirl cannot write anything – like her writing sucks. Not that she cannot use paper and pencil. Whatever. I really hope Lovegirl is lying. If not….

      If Smoochy doesn’t go – I’m still going 🙂 He’d better make a move!

  3. What’s up with the limiting teacher? That’s so wack. Hope it is a misunderstanding.

    Jaheim is pretty corner to me. Call me wacky, but I don’t like my R&B singers to be psuedo thugs. He can sing, but he just rubs me the wrong way.

    Why do you call it a “corporate” fast?

  4. Rashan – I’m calling you wacky. Okay, okay, he’s a little thugged out, but dude can croon. Mmmm yes!

    Corporate – the whole church body is fasting (or supposed to anyhow)

  5. I love comedy! Bruce Bruce is hilarious. I just remember his roasting people on ComicView talkin’ about “looks good on YOU.” My girl and I still say that it. It’s awesome.

    As far as the fast, I love listening to Dead Prez Be Healthy. I’m no where near being a vegan, but the lyrics do make me want to eat healthier.

  6. I was trying to think of the word corporate for my post on fasting today, clearly, it never came to me. Stop talking about qhemet biologics, you make me want to buy things, and I’m trying not to do that. I keep going to their website, filling up my cart, and then clicking the x.

    How dare that teacher tell Lovegirl she can’t do something!

    • I sent you something – check your FB inbox 🙂

      Yeah, I am not pleased with her wording at all. I feel like my grandma – it is not what you say, it is how you say it!

  7. I have had to tell kids not to speak to other kids because all Hades ensues! Having a chatterbox in a classroom is like having a cricket in your bedroom when you are trying to sleep. I do not agree with the writing thing, as long as she is paying attention in class. I urge my kids to do whatever it takes to remain quiet. Tap their feet, snap their finger, anything!

    • Abe – what grade do you teach – older children or the babies? I talked to another friend of mine about this, but she teaches HS and says similar things to her students. I’m just wondering if the language the teacher chose “the new class rule is not to speak to Lovegirl” was appropriate?

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