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I Love Music…

but musicals?  Not so much. 

I have to know that a movie or production is a musical so I can get my mind right to (possibly) enjoy it.  I don’t really know why this is, because I’m a big music fan.  But to hear singing for the duration of a 2 or 3 hour production?  Yeah, I need  prior warning, otherwise I will have a straight attitude the whole time.  Yep, the whole time.

The movie D.reamgirls?  Yeah, I was mad.  Yes, I knew it was a movie based on a musical, but I still wasn’t prepared for all that music.  Pass.

M.ama M.ia.  Oh lawd!  I didn’t know it was a musical….Hated it.  I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. Ditto G.rease and L.ittle Shop of H.orrors.

A.ida.   I knew it was a musical, so I was prepared.  I think I was just so glad to see something cultural come through Jackson that I left the attitude at home.

The Wiz?  Best! Musical! Ever!

C.ats is coming to Jackson in the next few weeks.  I’ve always (kinda) wanted to see it just because of its longevity and popularity.  But when I think about the fact that is is 1) a musical and 2) a musical with singing cats I’m thinking I’ll do the right thing and skip it.

I know, you’re wondering why Nerd Girl is ranting about musicals on a random Thursday morning.  Well, yesterday Monnie posted about “P.assing Strange” airing on PBS last night.  It is a S.pike L.ee joint, so I figured I’d check it out.  You already know what I didn’t when I tuned in….it was a musical!  Uh, uh.  Maybe next time.

How do you feel about musicals?  Love ’em or leave ’em alone?  Do you have a favorite?


21 thoughts on “I Love Music…

  1. I love musicals and I simply LOVE THE WIZ……it’s one of my favorite movies of all times. I would loved to see Dreamgirls at the theater, but I enjoyed the movie. Haven’t seen Mamma Mia (movie or theater). I think I’ll check my local theaters and find a musical production to see soon.

  2. I like some musicals. The Wiz, Grease, Little Shop of Horror and Lion King on Broadway are some of my favorites. I enjoyed Mamma Mia in the theater but hated the movie. I don’t like musicals that have more singing than spoken words.

  3. Count me among those who can’t stand musicals. The Wiz might be the only exception. Dreamgirls was alright, but I wouldn’t even think of going to see or renting the others you mentioned. The bad thing is that my daughter is into musical theater, so we go to two or three community performances a year. And, like you, I have to get my mind in the right place beforehand.

  4. I need to be forewarned, too. I had gotten ‘Passing Strange’ from Netflix w/o knowing it was a musical… A 2-hour unexpected musical. I needed to be aware. I don’t think I had my mind in the right space as a result. Also, I need to be let in that these things are videotaped stage plays. Immediate turn off. That said, all the musicals you named, LOVED! Never seen Aida but that’s my mom’s favorite. Never seen Cats either. I liked parts of ‘Grease’ but it was way too long. I also dig ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ & ‘Meet Me in St. Louis.’ I would like ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘Annie,’ ‘The Wiz’ and ‘Sound of Music’ more if my sister didn’t murder those through over watching when we were kids. You seriously don’t have to play the same movie every day for a month. EVERY TIME you have the tv. ANNOYING!!! Psycho obsessive. Sorry for blogging in your post.

      • Oh I don’t like that song at all! I can’t stand kids in songs. Please don’t make sit through singing children!! Can you imagine when I have my own & they’re in a musical or something with others? TORTURE.

  5. I’m a musical theater freak. Love it! If I had the talent I would love to be a Broadway Star…guess I’ll just stick to singing in my car though.

    I’ve seen and loved Wicked, In The Heights, Rent, Dreamgirls, 25th Annual Putnum County Spelling Bee, Urinetown and Once On This Island. I was in Bye Bye Birdie, and Lil Abner in high school so they are special to me. I’ve seen Miss Saigon, Hairspray, Lion King and Little Shop of Horrors but didn’t enjoy them so much.

  6. This is Z all day through and through. LOL!

    I could watch The Wiz several times/month. I love it that much.

    I want to be seen green
    Wouldn’t be caught dead, red
    ‘Cause if you are seen green
    It means you got mean bread

  7. I love, love, love musical movies! The Wiz, Dreamgirls, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, West Side Story, Sing, School Daze (pseudo musical *lol*). I also love broadway musicals – Wicked and the Lion King were both fantastic. The more music, the better!

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