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Tasty Goodness

Tonight for dinner?  I had no clue.  We’ve eaten all the beans and rice.  I finished off the veggie bowl I attempted on Sunday, and the spaghetti has been long gone.  What to do?

Well, I whipped up some tasty goodness which I shall share with you.  Of course, I didn’t measure, but this is soooo good.

I cut up two portabella mushroom caps and sauteed them in butter.  Then  I tossed in some cut up sun dried tomatoes and left over broccoli.  Added a little black pepper and some parsley flakes.  Poured in enough vegetable broth to make a sauce and let it simmer for a while.  Poured the whole concoction over some mini bow tie pasta.  So, so good!  I imagine it’ll be just as tasty over brown rice and plan on testing that theory this weekend.


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