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Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Check your calendars…..

Okay, maybe I’m the only one checking calendars around this joint!…Anyhoo, my 21 day fast?  Almost over.  And while I realize that I am supposed to be praying more and concentrating more on my relationship with God, for the last day or so my thoughts have consistently turned to  food, glorious food! 

I was the same way last year as the end of the fast approached.  I had all these grand ideas on what my first meal after the fast would be.  In reality, the first thing I had was a piece of toast and a cup of tea with honey.  Finest breakfast ever!  I’ll probably repeat that menu this year.  And head straight to IHOP after church for a short stack and a cup of decaf.

While I am really, really, really looking forward to that piece of toast on Sunday morning, I have to say that taking the focus off of myself and what I want in order to concentrate more fully on God has been wonderful.  I feel as though our relationship has been strengthened and I am more in tune with Him…He spoke and I listened.    I spoke and He listened.  Who could ask for better?


5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are Made of This

  1. LOL. We’re in the same boat. I have dreams everyday of mexican food! But I had to remind myself I will want some breakfast. So I’ll probably go out for breakfast after church instead. But it’s supposed to be 17 degrees here Sunday. I may be at home making my own meal.

  2. Y’all! My two pieces of toast and tea with honey were delicious!!! Not as tasty as the two pancakes, two pieces of turkey bacon and cups of coffee I consumed at IHOP after church this morning, but still mighty good.

    I was so deliriously happy it made no sense. Whooooo hoooo!

  3. This is the second post that you’ve mentioned those daggone short stacks. LOL I saw a commercial on the boob tube the other day about an all you can eat deal on pancakes. Can’t remember if it was for IHOP or Denny’s though.

    • IHOP! The all you can eat tasty cakes of goodness are at IHOP! I can only eat 2, 3 pancakes tops, but if I could eat more than that? Trust, I’dda been in IHOP all day yesterday!

      Ahem. We will now return to our regularly scheduled blogging…..

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