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I should’ve just “marque-d” dos!

Dear. God.  I am frustrated right about now!

I was surfing my beloved internet and stumbled upon the fact that pre-registration for kindergarten is next Thursday.  Okay, cool.   I know what I’m doing next Thursday morning.

So I look at the list of requirements and I see I need to bring in proof of mortgage.  Mmmkay.  My mortgage is drafted from our checking account – I don’t have a monthly paper statement – so what to do?  I called the school district to see if I could bring in an internet copy of my year end statement from the mortgage company.  Why yes, yes I can.

Soooo…. I call B of A to see if I’ve ever signed up with them for online banking.  They were not our original mortgage holders and the dang thang has been sold so many times I honestly couldn’t remember who held it.  So after I am prompted to press one for english or marque dos por espanol I get some nit-wit on the phone.  I tell her I need to print a copy of my year end statement.  She tells me that she can give my interest to date over the phone.  Well honey, that’s great, but I need a piece of paper to show the folks at public school of suburbia.  I’m not trying to do my taxes right now.  So she tells me to go online and print my statement.  I’m like “do I have an online account with y’all?  I had one with Bank #1, Countrywide, and Bank #2, but I don’t think I have one with you.”  “Well, did you sign on to your account.”  Sigh.  “I am not certain I have an online account with you.  Can you tell me if I do or not?”  “I can give you your interest paid this year.”  “If I let you give me my interest paid this year will you then tell me if I have an online account?”  “Ma’am, I don’t know if you have an online account.”  “Who does?”  “I don’t know.”  “Do you have an online banking division that can help me with this?”  “Do you bank at B of A?”  “Noooooo, y’all hold my mortgage.”  “Would you like to open a checking account with us?  I can do that over the phone for you right now.”  “Ma’am, I am about to release the line.  Thank you so much and have a great day.”

I shoulda just dealt with the damn automated system!!  Aaargh!!!


10 thoughts on “I should’ve just “marque-d” dos!

  1. LOL at ‘blue blazes’. I gotta use that one. I had a similiar hot mess customer service situation earlier, but sadly it was w/ a University. SIGH.

    • Please don’t have us all running around talking about “blue blazes!”

      I guess maybe she was going to win a trip to Hawaii if she provided the most year end tax statements that day???

  2. In customer service that’s called ‘I don’t know what the hades you are talking about so I’m just going to talk in circles until you get fed up with me and hang up’.

    • It worked! I know I sounded crazy asking if I had an online account with them, but really – we’ve had our house for 6 years and 4 different mortgage holders in that time!

  3. I’m confused. Did you even get your statement or will you have to call back? Really, you should press dos because those reps are bilingual!

    • I too was confused! After I hung up I decided to try with my old log in (from previous mortgage holder) and after I verified some crap and changed some things, presto, whammo ~ I was able to print out my statement.

      I realize I sounded like a raving loon in this post, and that’s pretty how much I was feeling.

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