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Worst. Interview. Ever.

Seriously.  From his limp fish handshake (hate that!) to me towering over him to his blank face the entire interview. 

I do not have high hopes!  Let’s pray my first interview with the other dude was enough to get me in the door.

We shall see….


7 thoughts on “Worst. Interview. Ever.

    • Oh, I don’t take it personally, but it was just all around creepy and uncomfortable. I talked to a few people about him – he does indeed have a rep as a less than friendly little bleep, bleep, bleeping, bleep, bleep! Their bleeps – not mine 🙂

  1. No surprise that I’m over here trying to fill in the bleeps. *sigh* Interview man sounds about as interesting as the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Bueller….Bueller….Bueller……

    I’ve still got my fingers crossed for ya!

  2. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for you too. I believe you got it. The interviews that I always feel ‘some kinda way’ about, are always the ones where I’m offered the job and they let me know how impressed they were w/ me. LOL

  3. I have had interviews like that. The ending leaves much to be desired.I like to be interviewed last, that way I can gauge if I am in the ballpark of getting hired.

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