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That’s My Girl!

Lovegirl:  Mama, you know, I’ve been thinking.

Nerd Girl:  About what?

Lovegirl:  About that tasty bread that is sweet as honey that God fed to those disobedient people.

Nerd Girl:  The Israelites?

Lovegirl:  Yes!  God made them some really good bread, and I’m thinking I want some.  Can you make me some?

Nerd Girl:  Girl, that is called manna!  I can’t make you any – only God makes manna and He hasn’t made any since He fed the Israelites.

Lovegirl:  Well, when you get to Heaven, ask Him for the recipe.  I really want some.


Lovegirl:  Mama, will you stay while I say my prayers tonight?

Nerd Girl:  Yep, go ahead.


Nerd Girl:  Lovegirl, are you going to pray?

Lovegirl:  Really Mama, I don’t feel like it.  I’m tired.  You pray – you know what I’m going to say anyway.  I’ll just say amen when you finish.

So, like a fool, I say her prayers for her.  And when I finish…

Lovegirl:  M hmm

Nerd Girl:  What?

Lovegirl:  M hmm

Nerd Girl:  What is m hmm?

Lovegirl:  That’s me humming “amen.”  I’m too tired to say that too!



6 thoughts on “That’s My Girl!

  1. I think Lovegirl and I need to hang out. Seriously, I ask God for manna from heaven all the time and TheCount tells me to shut up. When I get some, I’ll bring it to share with Lovegirl! She’s the best!

  2. I love her quirkiness ! She is so cute . I think manna tastes like a Auntie Annes pretzel ( you pick the flavor) or a cinnabon

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