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Mid-Week Randoms

  • Um, about that no shopping in February?  I fell off the wagon last week and bought a black cardigan.  I really needed one and it was a great price.
  • I’m going to fall off again today.  NY&Co has all their pants buy one, get one free.  And they have a coupon for $20 off of $60.  So, if they have four pairs of pants that I like?  I am so there.  That’s 4 pairs of pants for about $40.   I need new work pants and have decided that it makes way more sense to buy the pants now, on sale than it does to wait until next month and pay full price.  Right?  Right.
  • Today, I’m wearing a scarf around my neck.  I feel “natty” and “jaunty.”  And slightly crazy.  But I’m trying to break out of my “fashion” rut and the scarf has been sitting in my closet for three years, so there you have it.  Do you wear scarves?  Here’s a link for ideas on how to wear them. (Click 1st and 2nd parts under “download”)
  • Why didn’t anybody tell me Valentine’s Day was Sunday?  Aack!  What to get Smoochy?  And why, why, why won’t he just agree to my often suggested, always rejected “no gifts” idea?
  • You know what can make you almost crash your car and choke on the water you were sipping while driving?  Your kid hollering out from the back seat “Hey Mom!  What are d.icks?”  She was referring to the sporting goods store next to the M.ichael’s we’d just left.  I didn’t realize that until after my near death experience.  Why couldn’t they have just put an A.cademy there??? 
  • Yeah, I’ll pretty much leave you with that one.


Have a great day!!!


14 thoughts on “Mid-Week Randoms

  1. “Your kid hollering out from the back seat “Hey Mom! What are d.icks?””

    You trying to kill me?????? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Okay so I don’t feel quite as guilty about those shoes I bought last week. And a sale on pants at NY& Co?? If it wasn’t for this weather I would be all over that! Then again, I could just shop online but I really like to see the items up close and personal.

    Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day. I could care less.

    • The question is was she trying to kill me?!?!?

      I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day and really, really, really wish Smoochy believed me and would just let it ride. I married a big kid – he wants a gift for any day celebrated in this country!!!

  2. Funny! We were driving back from Christmas and one of the Offspring asked “what are adult toys?” There was a full 10 seconds of silence before I stuttered something about fireworks. I was so proud of my answer until Tim one upped me and told the boy the truth- some toys are for adults and some are for children. That was easy.

    • Failure is such a harsh word….and no worries, apparently I was conflicted about buying anything else in February for so long that they didn’t have my size in the store tonight or online. So, I bought nada. But I LOVE my cardigan 🙂

      Tomorrow night? I’m putting on a pot of beans, you have me really wanting some.

      • Nerd Girl, I’ma beat her. Speaking of failures, have you noticed on twitter how she’s talking about spending, spending, spending?? HMPH!! TAKE THAT!!

    • Jameil – Get. Her. I don’t Tweet, but surely you jest? Over here calling us sucky faiulres while Tweeting about spending! Don’t think I won’t brave a snow storm to get a lick or two in…

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