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Let it snow…

We’re bracing for another snow storm around these here parts!  The Jackson metro area is forecast to get between one and three inches of snow which will be gone by Saturday.  Perfect!  Just enough to (hopefully) close Lovegirl’s school, not enough to do any real damage, and great for her to play in.

I realize those of you in the East/Midwest would like to fight me right about now.  Too bad y’all are snowed in and can’t get to me 🙂

Stay warm!


8 thoughts on “Let it snow…

  1. I was just thinking the SAME thing. However, there’s the matter of the no school means no field trip, and no Valentine’s Day Party. That will sure elicit waterworks for about an hour at my house.

    But I wonder if we get our $7 back.

    • Girl, if I have an excuse to stay home tomorrow, they can keep that $7!

      Lovegirl would be disappointed for about 15 minutes. Once she realized that a snow day meant a N.oggin marathon and playing in the snow? She’d be good! She and Aidan can eat these candy hearts I picked up today. Sounds like a Valentine’s Party to me…..

  2. I lurve me some snow days. I was hoping that we would be out the rest of the week. No dice. I have been in a mild state of depression ever since I saw that my school district would be open today. *weeps*

  3. It would snow on the weekend I am trying to move. I DO NOT want it to snow.
    The Man is like Aiden. When I told him their pizza party at school may not happen, he became hysterical. Hopefully it wont get to bad.

  4. I’m in Dallas this week. 12 inches of snow. I have a huge attitude about this, but unlike Chicago, it’ll melt tonight or tomorrow. (at which point my attitude with dissipate) 🙂

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