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Life Lessons ~ The Snowy Day Version

  1. The prospect of watching N.ick Jr. all day more than makes up for missing a Valentine’s Day party at school.
  2. When the D.ISH network goes out – and it will go out – there will be much wailing, moaning, and gnashing of teeth.  The resident child will be pretty upset too!
  3. That DVR thingie?  Learn to use it and record at least 12 hours of shows that will occupy a small child.
  4. Buy more junk food.  Short people rebel after a steady diet of carrots, apple slices and cheese sticks.
  5. H.ulu rocks!  As did the documentary S.upersize Me.  (Yes, yes, I know I’m way late with this one)
  6. If you work in a hospital, you are pretty much expected to come to work no matter what.  It is at times like this one is particularly glad to use one’s child as an excuse.
  7. Everyone should have at least 2 snow days a year.
  8. Magic shows put on by five year old children suck.
  9. Do rush to the store the night before the predicted snowstorm to buy milk.  However else will you make cornbread to go with the requisite pot of beans and rice?
  10. Daytime television pretty much sucks.  See number 3 and adapt for adults.
  11. Snow, in small Mississippi increments?  Be-yooo-tiful!

4 thoughts on “Life Lessons ~ The Snowy Day Version

  1. I think I’m the only person that still actually uses a VCR instead of a DVR. I don’t wanna pay another $5 a month that Comcast is trying to extort from me.

    Hulu rocks, and so does Netflix Instant viewing. And On Demand… Perfect for a snow day (although mine was spent in a car riding to Florida)

  2. 2) HA! resident child, too. loves it.
    5) alllll the way late!
    7) this winter i’m going to go with 0 snow days, please! & thanks!
    8) hahahaha! you are an evil mommy!!

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