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WWYD – I’ll Always Love My Mama

My mom is cool people.  Really cool people.  Like, I am 37 years old and I still think she is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And I think sliced bread is awesome!  I know a lot of people have not-so-great relationships with their mothers and I really feel sorry for them.  I cannot imagine – I will not imagine – having a bad or nonexistent relationship with mi madre.  God really blessed me when he gave me that little 5’3 package I call mama.

My brothers are blessed with the same wonderful mama.  And do you know not one of those knot heads called her yesterday to check on her after her foot surgery?  Not one. 

All day long I thought “hmm, I should probably text them and remind them to call and check on mama this afternoon.”  Then I thought “nah, surely the idjits will remember to call their mama and make sure she’s okay.”  Nope, they didn’t.  And I wish I’d sent them the text.  Because my mom was so hurt that not one of her three sons thought enough about her to call her.  I was soooo pissed.  I realize that foot surgery isn’t “major” surgery, but still – anytime they knock you out and cut you open is “major” enough for me.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe today I should text them all and remind them (who the heck needs reminding about their own mother?!?) to call and check on her today.  I’m sure if they all call her today she’ll know that I told them to do so ~ and I’m not sure that’ll really make her feel better about their callousness yesterday.

So my beloveds, this post which I was writing to relieve a little frustration, has now become a WWYD. 

If you were in my shoes would you let it ride or would you call/text the bruhs, tell them how triflling they are and remind them to call their mama?


P.S.  If Lovegirl ever did this to me I’d be crushed.  Absolutely crushed.  But I’d call her and tell her about herself – I know my mama won’t ever mention this to my brothers.


5 thoughts on “WWYD – I’ll Always Love My Mama

  1. Text them. You know a lot of guys don’t think of stuff like that. They won’t even know they hurt her feelings. Even if she knows by all of them calling that you told them to call, she’ll still feel better than if they don’t.

  2. Yeah, I’d pretty much already decided to text them and gently nudge them to call her. So I did.

    I guess they can use having a Y chromosome as an excuse, but they’d better remember that whenever she dies and not sling snot all over the place talking about “I wish….” I’m a firm believer in “flowers while I’m living.”

    Thanks y’all!

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