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Won’t You Smile A While For Me?

This weekend, I had plenty of opportunities to smile….

Saturday – I check my mail and there was a package addressed to yours truly with no return address.  My curiosity outweighed my suspicion and I ripped it open to find that Kelly sent me a mascara and some shoe insoles.  I kid you not – I’d just put mascara on my list of things to buy and mentioned to Smoochy that I needed some insoles for my summer sandals.  Right on time!  I smiled.

Saturday night – Smoochy and I headed out for a rare date night – we went to see Ge.orge W.ilborn, D.C. C.urry,B.ruce B.ruce and S.ommore.  Honestly?  I was a little disappointed.  The show was not as great as I’d anticipated, but there were definitely funny moments.  The best comedian of the night?  We decided D. C. C.urry made the show.  I couldn’t believe my boy B.ruce B.ruce didn’t bring it!  But, it was a great night out, we did share some chuckles.  And the fashion show that inevitably occurs when there are more than 5 black folks in a room?  Priceless!  We saw more leather, pleather, moisturized jheri curls and size 30s wearing size 6 than the law should allow.  And that was just on our row.  I smiled.

Sunday – I was trifling and didn’t go to church.  When I finally got up around 9:30 I headed to the grocery store and bought up some stuff to cook for Smoochy this week.  After knocking out sausage and onions, green curry chicken, bean and rice burritos, smothered cabbage, green peas and a veggie medley I was tired.  And happy that I was able to send Smoochy off with another week’s worth of healthy meals.  Lovegirl and I bummed around the rest of the day.  A great way to spend a cool, drizzly Sunday.  I smiled.

What brought a smile to your face this weekend?


13 thoughts on “Won’t You Smile A While For Me?

  1. I had to work Saturday, and it was so dead that I did nothing for 5 hours. Oh and that burger I got after work Saturday night made me smile too, but that was a greedy smile.

  2. Oh darn re: the comedy show. I’m surprising my hubby with tix to see Bruce Bruce and Mike Epps when they come to Baltimore. I hope they get it together and bring the laughs.

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