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Fake, Baby!

On this morning’s commute (makes the “drive” to work sound so professional) I was listening to R.ickey S.miley and his morning show crew.  Somehow they’d gotten into a big debate on whether or not it was “okay” to rock fake goods.  Like, if you can’t afford/won’t spend money on a real LV, is there something wrong with rocking a “purse man” special?

The presumably g.ay guy was in an uproar and insisted that if you can’t afford the real thing you should save your pennies and treat yourself.  The female sidekick was of the opinion that if you can’t/won’t spend on the real thing, the fakes were fine.  The g.ay dude went as far as saying that when single women buy fake luxury items they are setting themselves up for the man/men in their lives to buy cheap/fake items for them and that shouldn’t expect more because the women themselves had established themselves as cheap.  Hmmm.

I don’t mean wrong from a copyright infringement, counterfeit goods, morality standpoint, I mean, if you can’t/won’t pay full price should you rock a phony from an aesthetic or cool p.o.v.?

If you can’t afford diamond studs are diamante just as good?  Are you after the look or the authenticity?  Or both?   

Personally – I could care less.  I’m not wearing/carrying any conspicuous luxury items real or fake.  Those folks pay not a one of my bills and I’m not trying to keep up with or impress the Jones’.  I wear costume jewelry but I’m pretty sure no one mistakes it for the real thing – and I’m not trying to fool anyone into doing so. 

Thoughts?  Whether you have some to share or not, enjoy this one from back in the day.  My boy,  Al.exander O’neal! 


6 thoughts on “Fake, Baby!

  1. I don’t see the point in name brand purses really since I can’t stand having logos splayed all over anything I own. I just like nice leather purses so they last forever. I also like real jewelery because I love jewelery and feel like I’m a little past the point where as a result I should rock the real. You know as a grown up. Lol. But sometimes I like the look of costume so I’ll buy that, too. But diamonds? Only real thanks!

  2. First, I just wanna say “Can I get some nasty base?!” Owwwwwwwwwww That’s my jam!

    I truly can’t stand any purse, name brand or knock-off, that has those logos plastered all over. That alone makes it look cheap. I usually don’t pay a lot for my satchels anyway but ironically when I do go shopping I pick up the most expensive ones (like when I’m in TJ Maxx). I’ll go upwards of $100 and that’s pushing it. As long as it’s cute and suits my style, then I’m good to go.

  3. In order to maintain a relationship with Tim, I have to frequent flea markets. If I see a purse I like, I buy it. Not because it has any particular designer’s name on it or not, but because I like it. I’m way past the point of caring what anyone else says. Especially about my purse.

  4. With jewelry real or fake, it doesn’t matter to me, I buy it because it’s pretty. With purses, I buy quality, doesn’t matter the brand. I don’t do fake logo purses just so people will think I have money though, it’s not that serious.

  5. I wear fake stuff not because I’m trying to keep up with the Joneses, but because if it’s a cute fake purse, I’ll buy it (or my mom will buy it for me).

    I have to stop doing that though because while I have a really good fake Prada, my fake D&G was busting apart at the seams and all my bag whore co-workers kept complimenting me on it and I felt guilty.

    So, the long and short of it is that I don’t care and I don’t judge people who have fake bags, but I’d prefer not to have them myself (anymore).

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