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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs up:  Health care for all!

Thumbs down:  Hatred, rudeness and mockery.  Learn how to disagree civilly.  Or be quiet.

Thumbs up:  Beautiful spring weather on Friday.

Thumbs down:  Snow and freezing temps on Sunday.

Thumbs up:  The series “Life” on D.iscovery.

Thumbs down:  Oprah’s narration.  Bring back the dude from National of Omaha….yeah, I know I dated myself with that one.

Thumbs up:  All of y’all for your kind comments about my sweet girl and her wardrobe choices!

Thumbs down:  My Mama for sending more headbands with which Lovegirl can jazz up her outfits.

Thumbs up:  All things good and positive that are in store for the week ahead.

Thumbs down:  People or circumstances that attempt to block the joy, happiness, and peacefulness of others.


2 thoughts on “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

  1. Thumps Up: Getting to hear Rachel Maddow speak today

    Thumbs Down: Walking in the cold to the wrong building only to be told that it was up the street then having to walk back to my office building (thank goodness it’s right next door) get my keys, hop in the car and drive to try and find a parking space while having only $2 in change. *sigh*

    It was worth it though.

  2. Did you really thumbs down accessories??? #momfail!! My mom told me once, “Don’t bring another pair of earrings in my house!!” b/c every time I had money I bought earrings. This is b/c she told me to go to the library instead of buying books so I was trained not to do that!! When she told me that ‘rule’ I just stared at her. I hated being disobedient but that was not gonna happen.

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