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Never say never.  Or so the adage goes.  Last night I was thinking about some things I’ve done that I thought and/or said I’d never do….

Never would I…..

Allow my young child to watch TV.  A lie!  I’m so grateful for Nick Jr. I don’t know what to do.  Yes, we play.  We read.  We go outside.  And we watch age appropriate TV.  Two thumbs up for children’s television!

Pay a bill late.  Sometimes?  We were short.  Most often?  I forgot. 

Eat beef again.  Those two hamburgers I ate last year were absolutely marvelous!  I have no immediate plans to consume another, but I definitely won’t rule out the occasional foray into beef consumption.

Be all over the place.  My parents are almost crazed with privacy issues.  And for a long time, so was I.  Yet here I am – blogging and facebooking in a not-so-anonymous medium.  Eh.

Go to sleep with dishes in the sink.  They’ll be there in the morning – I need my rest.

Bargain with God.  I foolishly thought that only people who did really “bad stuff” ever approached the throne with “if you….then I’ll…”

Live in the South.  Y’all already know how this turned out.  🙂

Fight over a man.  Oh wait, I mean that one.  Just can’t see it happening.

Anybody else care to share?  I’m sleepy….


6 thoughts on “Never!

  1. – accept/use gov’t assistance; we never had this growing up, but last year so much happened with the econ and in my life…this still bothers me

    – overly emotional mother; I’m a new mother and when I was preggo, I would read stories/comments from mothers that cried over what I thought I wouldn’t give a 2nd thought to…some things really made me bawl even though I knew everything would be okay

    loc my hair – I love my fro, but the more I have to detangle and style, makes me lean more toward thinking about loc’ing

    “be all over the place” – I have privacy issues too. I don’t have even have a facebook acct (though my granny does, ha!) But, I think this is a never I will stick with

    • Ditto #1! I put Lovegirl on CHIPS when I lost my job and just felt awful about it, but am glad I did and would do it again in a heartbeat. Don’t let doing what you have to do to take care of your family make you feel badly.

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