A Week of Days

After my last post, I said I’d be back with a bunch of raves to offset my rants.  I lied.

This has been a helluva week. Nothing terribly wrong happened, but neither did anything exceptionally good.  Every day I’d think “well, tomorrow has got to be better.”  Yeah, it wasn’t.

So, this is one week I’m glad to be wrapping up and putting on the shelf.  I am confident that next week will be better because I am plan on putting forth extra effort to make it so.

I hope you have a great weekend leading into a wonderful week!  Be blessed.


Today, I Rant

  • OMG.  Why did I waste 7 minutes of my life watching T.iny and T.oya the other night?  Worst show ever.  And please don’t get me started on T.iny’s voice!  I tried B.ET, I tried.  Why I tried I don’t really know, but I did.
  • This morning a lady was looking all lost and confused in the halls.  I asked her if she needed help.  She was looking for the business office and I told her I’d show her where it was.  She asked me “are you sure this is the right way” for the entire duration of our 5 minute stroll.  I wish I’d never met her….
  • If you are a grown woman, still have your lady parts, aren’t pregnant and haven’t been through menopause?  Bring your own stash to work!!!  If something has ocurred every 25-30 days for the last oh say 25, 30 years?  It shouldn’t catch you “off guard!”
  • If you’re the governor of a state and you’re all loud and beligerent about how the federal government is too much in states’ business and walk around talking about “we got this?”  You look real crazy when you have to turn around and ask F.EMA for help a few days later.  You do know the “F” in F.EMA stands for federal, right?
  • U.sher R.aymond irritates me.  As does Nikki M.inaj.  The two of them together “singing/rapping” a song about a girl sticking her hand down another girl’s pants and then bringing the girl to a loser face (thanks P!) dude?  Aaaaaaaaaargh!


Whew!  Thank you for letting me get that off of my chest.  Next post?  I’ll rave.  Not sure about what, but I’ll definitely rave.

Jesus Wept. And So Did Nerd Girl

Y’all.  I spent the whole weekend crying.  (Though for totally different reasons than did Christ.)

Saturday morning I was up good an early and instead of doing a multitude of things I should have been doing, I decided to watch the last 45 minutes of S.teel M.agnolias.  And proceeded to cry like a baby for about…..45 minutes. 

Sunday night I was up good and late and instead of doing a multitude of things I should have been doing, I decided to watch My S.ister’s K.eeper.  Oh my.  I cried basically from beginning to end.  All while trying not to choke on the pretzel sticks I couldn’t/wouldn’t stop shoveling down my gullet.  Yeah, yeah, it was overly contrived and all that jazz, but talk about a tear jerker!

There are now three movies guaranteed to make me cry any time I watch them – the two mentioned above and I.mitation of Life.

Do you have any “favorite” tear jerkers?

I Ask. You Answer. You Game?

Aight, I’ve got some questions and would appreciate any help you can provide.  Mmkay?  Mmkay.

1.  What are your favorite jeans?  Where do you buy them? I don’t know why, but I’m having a hellish time finding/keeping jeans.  Once I find a pair that are initially long enough they seem to shrink in length and size once I wash them.  Nerd Girl doesn’t do skin tight floods.  Any ideas?

2.  Have you ever tried Ms. Jessie’s products? I notice that Target is carrying them now and was thinking about giving the shampoo a try on Lovegirl’s hair but don’t really want to spend $14 to try shampoo.  Of course if it really detangles the way they say it does I’d pay that regularly without batting an eye.

3.  Have you seen any summer weight pants anywhere? I need some more for work and all I see when I’m out are crop pants.  Even if we were allowed to wear crops/capris I wouldn’t – no me gusta.

That’s it!  Thanks in advance!  Have a great weekend!!!

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

I should: work on a school project.

I am: watching Katt Williams videos on youtube.

I should: clean up my terribly messy desk.

I am:  picking lint out the end of one of my locks.

I should: drink some water.

I am: enjoying my third cup of coffee.

I should:  go comment on one of my online course boards.

I am:  reading gossip on B.ossip.

I should: pay my graduation fee so I can get this hold off my account.

I am:  surfing the net looking for a pair of black sandals.

I should:  be ashamed.

I am:  not.

What are you doing?  What should you be doing? 

(I’mma start working at 12:00.  For real.)

I am She

You know how you see a woman with tight pants on and you think to yourself “why the hell does she have those on and why didn’t somebody tell her that wasn’t a good look?”

Well, today I am that tight pants wearing woman.  I knew there was a reason I didn’t wear these particular pants anymore….and the chafe marks that will probably remain on my thighs forever will serve as a good reminder to never wear them again!!!

…and why haven’t any of my work friends pulled me aside and said something????

Nerdy Friday Randoms

  • Thanks for all of your kind, sweet comments on yesterday’s post.  Lovegirl Olivia was still floating on cloud 9 when I picked her up from school.  Her joy is my joy.
  • I’ve decided not to walk in May’s graduation ceremonies.  I’m so over school and have no desire to participate.  Put that joker in the mail and let’s call it a day!
  • A few months ago I posted about how I was going to use all my lotions and potions before buying any more.  I had no idea it was going to take so long!  I’m actually sick of using this stuff.  When I finally use it up?  No mas.
  • I’ve got a friend on SSI/disability/whatever it is called.  Because she’s morbidly obese.  She called to tell me she qualifies for a program which provides “free” maid/errand running service for her.  What. The. Hell?  I go to work every day and can’t get that deal!  I guess I’m working so she can get that deal.  Aargh!
  • I should be working on a paper right now.
  • There’s been a rash of violence in/around Jackson lately.  A young man was killed at a gas station last Sunday as he was on his way to church.  I wanted to cry.  Made me remember why I don’t watch the news that often.
  • Anybody watching Top C.hef M.asters?  That G.ovind Armstrong fellow was waaaay more conceited than I was expecting.  Marcus S.amuelsson too.

Anyhoo, that’s it.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Be well!