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Nerdy Friday Randoms

  • Thanks for all of your kind, sweet comments on yesterday’s post.  Lovegirl Olivia was still floating on cloud 9 when I picked her up from school.  Her joy is my joy.
  • I’ve decided not to walk in May’s graduation ceremonies.  I’m so over school and have no desire to participate.  Put that joker in the mail and let’s call it a day!
  • A few months ago I posted about how I was going to use all my lotions and potions before buying any more.  I had no idea it was going to take so long!  I’m actually sick of using this stuff.  When I finally use it up?  No mas.
  • I’ve got a friend on SSI/disability/whatever it is called.  Because she’s morbidly obese.  She called to tell me she qualifies for a program which provides “free” maid/errand running service for her.  What. The. Hell?  I go to work every day and can’t get that deal!  I guess I’m working so she can get that deal.  Aargh!
  • I should be working on a paper right now.
  • There’s been a rash of violence in/around Jackson lately.  A young man was killed at a gas station last Sunday as he was on his way to church.  I wanted to cry.  Made me remember why I don’t watch the news that often.
  • Anybody watching Top C.hef M.asters?  That G.ovind Armstrong fellow was waaaay more conceited than I was expecting.  Marcus S.amuelsson too.

Anyhoo, that’s it.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Be well!


24 thoughts on “Nerdy Friday Randoms

  1. I too am soooooo over all the body lotion, potion, no tellin what kinda chemical/poisons, I’ve been applying to my body!!! I used/gave away all mine and now use 100% shea butter….I’m lovin’ it !!!!! and my pocketbook is too 🙂

    • I’m about to ask a real silly question….isn’t 100% shea pretty solid and hard to use? I bought some once and it was just a big hunk that sat there and never melted at the touch like cocoa butter does. What brand do you use? I am really working on simplifying my life and routines!

  2. Yes, I’m watching TC Masters. I don’t love it as much as I love the regular TC, but it keeps me satisfied as we wait for the next season of TC. I’m not shocked that they were so arrogant. Given the industry, I’m surprised when a chef isn’t arrogant. **side note** Mekhi Phifer looked damn good in that episode. Not THAT I wasn’t expecting. *lol*

  3. The news here is so depressing.
    I refuse to watch it, I usually just read it online once I get to work.

    My weekend is kinda busy: Baseball games and a baby shower

  4. I just read on the news online. Headlines are as follows:

    ‘Student shot at a campus apartment’ ( at A-State)

    ‘Substitute teacher arrested for sexual assault’ (some chick in BeBee was hunching a 16 year old boy)……. *sigh*

    ‘Message in blood leads to woman’s arrest in Missouri’ (some crazy beesh done up and kilt her cousin in Fort Smith)

    Oh and someone was shooting at a Que party in the ‘Way this past weekend. *smh*

    • What is up with all these teacher/student relationships??? And so many of the teachers are women….I just can’t see it.

      Shooting at a Que party is a given….some things never change. When I was on the yard, the Ques threw the best parties. And the only ones I wore tennis shoes to in case I needed to run!

  5. I would love to be able to not walk. My parents really want me to. I care way more about my screening than graduation. Graduation is a ridiculous tradition to me. I want a maid, too. Sheesh. I didn’t enjoy Govind’s appearance. I didn’t like him after that. I liked Marcus, though.

    • Oh trust me, if my parents had found tickets at a decent price I would’ve been forced – at the ripe old age of 37 – to walk. They made me walk at 8+ months pregnant when I got my MPH. Such loving souls those two…

      Yeah, Govind is off my list of chef crushes. Marcus was better, but not by much. Back to Bourdain I suppose!

  6. How fat do you have to be for it to be an official disability? Will SSi pay for a personal trainer or somebody to help her?

  7. Congrats on completing your studies. Think about how seeing you graduate would affect Olivia? You might be over it, but that could be a very powerful and positive image for her.

    • I thought about that…but still don’t have it in me to participate in the pomp and circumstance this go ’round. Maybe next time. I know me – I’ll be “bored” in a few months and probably sign myself up for another program somewhere.

  8. I am just put out about the morbidly obese friend who gets disability and other benefits – why lose weight then? I wanna know how I can get some of dat. When we tried to get self-employed health insurance I was denied because my BMI had me labeled as morbidly obese. Wonder if I could have used that to get benefits? Just done.

    • Exactly! There is absolutely no external motivation for her to lose weight…..I remember you posting about that and was amazed that you were considered morbidly obese.

  9. Umm, I kind of fell in love with chef G.ovind watching that show. I didn’t find him off putting at all, but that may have been because I was picturing myself playing in his locks as he cooked me dinner every night.

    Let me finish eating these cookies, I need some maid service…

    • See, I had a crush on him before he opened his mouth – but I guess that’s the way that usually works 🙂

      LOL – I’m not mad at you. Okay, yes. I am. Put those cookies down!

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