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Coulda Shoulda Woulda

I should: work on a school project.

I am: watching Katt Williams videos on youtube.

I should: clean up my terribly messy desk.

I am:  picking lint out the end of one of my locks.

I should: drink some water.

I am: enjoying my third cup of coffee.

I should:  go comment on one of my online course boards.

I am:  reading gossip on B.ossip.

I should: pay my graduation fee so I can get this hold off my account.

I am:  surfing the net looking for a pair of black sandals.

I should:  be ashamed.

I am:  not.

What are you doing?  What should you be doing? 

(I’mma start working at 12:00.  For real.)


11 thoughts on “Coulda Shoulda Woulda

  1. I just finished posting a blog (you should comment) and looking in my Google reader. I will then go eat my chicken and rice for lunch and surf some more. I have a 2PM meeting so I will work then.

  2. I should be: completeing some very imprtant legal documents that are three days over due…
    I am: ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have made my day chick! I will be: bustin’ up outta here to enjoy my birthday in a coupla hours!!!

  3. I am multitasking like a mug (and can’t stop using the phrase like a mug). I should be doing so many things that it doesn’t make any sense.

  4. I should go over to a retirement party to say goobye.

    I will go over to a retirement party to eat refreshments because I don’t know the person who’s retiring.

  5. I am: Checking my blog roll and now reading blogs. I should: finish up everything on my desk so I’m thinking of all my unfinished business while I’m out of the office for the next 6 business days.

    And, I also should be ashamed, but I’m not lol

  6. I am commenting on your blog…..and many…many others.

    I shoud be doing:

    Processing Applications
    Cleaning off my desk
    Posting Notices
    Going to the Bank
    Doing a Deposit
    Writting Letters

    I am so ready for tomorrow. And then for tomorrow to be over.

  7. I am ordering things online, and reading blogs . I should be rewriting my paper and doing my homework- oh yeah and looking for a job

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