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Jesus Wept. And So Did Nerd Girl

Y’all.  I spent the whole weekend crying.  (Though for totally different reasons than did Christ.)

Saturday morning I was up good an early and instead of doing a multitude of things I should have been doing, I decided to watch the last 45 minutes of S.teel M.agnolias.  And proceeded to cry like a baby for about…..45 minutes. 

Sunday night I was up good and late and instead of doing a multitude of things I should have been doing, I decided to watch My S.ister’s K.eeper.  Oh my.  I cried basically from beginning to end.  All while trying not to choke on the pretzel sticks I couldn’t/wouldn’t stop shoveling down my gullet.  Yeah, yeah, it was overly contrived and all that jazz, but talk about a tear jerker!

There are now three movies guaranteed to make me cry any time I watch them – the two mentioned above and I.mitation of Life.

Do you have any “favorite” tear jerkers?


18 thoughts on “Jesus Wept. And So Did Nerd Girl

  1. Oh my! I am such a crybaby, where shall I start??? RainMan
    – I Am Sam
    – Radio….just to name a few 🙂

  2. I saw ‘Steel Magnolias’ too! We probably started watching right around the same time. If they had aired ‘Beaches’ it would have been OVA!!! I keep meaning to catch ‘ My Sister’s Keeper’ online during the weekend but forget.

    And I don’t care how bad MrsTDJ talks ’bout me, I still cry when Marley dies in ‘Marley& Me’. LOL

    ‘Imitation of Life’…..sigh. When Mahalia starts singing at the funeral and when Sarah Jane stops her mama’s casket……..chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllle

    Oh and add Seven Pounds to the list….that one gets me everytime

  3. I’ve got so many! Steel Magnolias for sure.

    Beaches – I start crying near the beginning, but it comes on full steam when they visit the ocean for the last time and then when Victoria asks CeCe if she can bring her cat, and then at the end when CeCe sings, “Glory of Love”. **tearing up now**.

    Others are Boys on the Side, Terms of Endearment, Shawshank Redemption (when Morgan Freeman is finally released and you think he’s going to commit suicide, then again when he and Tim Robbins reunite), Fried Green Tomatoes, etc. I could go on and on. I love a good movie cry!

    • I only watch them alone and at home. I didn’t even know what My Sister’s Keeper was about so that one really snuck up on me! Consider yourself forewarned 🙂

  4. I hate, hate, hate the movie version of My Sisters Keeper. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, but whoever was in charge of the film changed the ending. I was sitting in the theater mad and everyone else was bawling.

    Movies that make me cry: Dreamgirls. When Jennifer Hudson sings “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going,” I tear up./The Secret Life of Bees./The Green Mile./And lately, Brown Sugar, because BET plays it every dang weekend.

    • I can’t/won’t watch a movie if I’ve read the book ’cause I’m like you and will .38 hot when they change the story. The Color Purple and Secret Life of Bees are rare exceptions to my read/watch “rule.” They made me boo hoo too!

  5. Oh yay…I’m a big sap. Steel Magnolias is a killer. I cried during the opening sequence of “UP” too. I am pretty much guaranteed to cry during the last ten minutes of ‘Roman Holiday’. I also fall to pieces watching ‘ A Walk to Remember’ when the boyfriend goes to beg his estranged Father to help his terminally ill girlfriend. Gets me every time.

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